After publicly speaking out about her MS diagnosis, Selma reveals that she has not received a job offer.

Selma Blair, who has spoken out about multiple sclerosis (MS), says she was embarrassed and concerned that she wouldn’t be able to work again.

Selma Blair believes speaking publicly about her multiple-sclerosis (MS), diagnosis has damaged her career.

The 50-year-old actress was diagnosed by MS in 2018, which can lead both to physical and mental problems. It has had a detrimental impact on her career in Hollywood.

She shared: ‘When we talked about it, there were so many support, but I never again got a job.

Selma Blair says that her multiple sclerosis diagnosis has cost her her career.

For decades, the actress has suffered from fatigue and speech problems.

She remained reticent about the matter for a while because she believed it would harm her career.

She The BBC reported that I was embarrassed and concerned that I wouldn’t be able to work again.

Selma was able to feel ‘unburdened,’ despite all of this.

Health: In 2018, the 50-year-old actress was diagnosed by MS. This can lead to mental and physical problems. She is convinced that it has had a negative effect on her career in Hollywood.

“It was a relief,” said the ‘Dark Horse” star. There was some panic. Like how will I ever be able to handle this?

“I had been down this road for so many decades without a diagnosis that it was almost unbearable. But, I was hopeful that the diagnosis MS would give me more options.

“It was an amazing, comforting feeling knowing that there was a whole group of MS patients with chronic illness.”

 She The BBC reported that I was embarrassed and concerned that I wouldn’t be able to work again.

Selma believes Hollywood has made great strides in representing people with disabilities. She insists that there is still much to be done.

The actress, who is mother to an 11-year old son named Arthur, stated that there was more to it than creating iconic images with people with disabilities.

“I know my MS has taken my career down. I had to quit my job for years before I had my son. [in 2011]Because I wasn’t well.

‘Disability was affecting me and taking me out of the workforce and it created huge changes in my physical appearance … things that couldn’t be in a movie or a TV show.’

According to Selma, Scout was brought home by her neurologist in December. She revealed this to People magazine a few months ago.

She She noted that her English Labrador, Scout (age 10) ‘kept my moving and helped me build stamina’.

The Cruel Intentions star explained that it was a huge undertaking and that he is still young, not yet two years old, but that he has a tremendous gift. He’I’m with you all the time.

She “If I fall into the big one, it will be a huge loss.” [muscle] He can help me balance if I’m having trouble moving or spasming. It has given me a lot independence.

Adding a new friend: Because of her fight with multiple sclerosis, Blair added Scout to her family back in December after a rigorous 18-month-long training process

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