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After Met Gala appearance, Nelly Korda wants to grow the game naturally, with her game

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PNC Championship - Final Round

Nelly Korda’s five-game winning streak on the LPGA has included many firsts, including Korda’s first spray tan.

“I couldn’t show everyone my beautiful, permanent sock tan,” Korda joked Wednesday ahead of this week’s Cognizant Founders Cup, where Korda will look to become the first player in LPGA history to win six consecutive events.

Two nights earlier, Korda was invited by Casey Wasserman, CEO of the agency that represents Korda, to the annual Met Gala, a star-studded fundraiser in New York City. It was there that Korda mingled with celebrities from multiple industries, all showcasing the latest from some of the world’s top fashion designers.

Attending the prestigious event was a childhood dream come true, says Korda, who revealed that she tried on a pair of Oscar de la Renta, decided on one, and then, 20 minutes before she was supposed to start getting ready, changed into a different dress

“I had to completely change my appearance,” Korda said. “I was going to wear a long-sleeved dress, so I was going to have my hair up. Then I saw this amazing red dress and changed my entire look probably 20 minutes before I started getting ready. I changed it to everyone.”

Korda then looked at his golf suit.

This “It is my comfort zone,” he added. “It was really cool to get out of my comfort zone and do something like that. That was the first time I walked a red carpet and came out strong. “I think it’s all downhill from here.”

Describing herself as “a grain of sand in a very, very big room,” Korda said she was especially dazzled by Shakira. She also had Jaden Smith come over and introduce himself.

‘You’re standing in line ready to get on the carpet, and it’s like seeing all these people that you normally see on TV shows or movies, and they’re like famous singers and you’re just starstruck all the time.’” Korda said. “They are the best people who look at me. “I stayed silent looking at everyone’s dresses.”

PNC Championship – Final Round

As Nelly Korda resumes his historic streak, here are the PGA Tour players with at least 6 consecutive victories

Korda is trying to remain alone in LPGA history with six wins in as many starts.

Now, it’s back to reality for Korda, who is tied with Nancy Lopez and Annika Sorenstam for the LPGA record for consecutive wins. She hasn’t competed since she won the Chevron Championship and took the last two weeks off to recharge. She said she slept almost 10 hours the first few nights at her home in Bradenton, Florida, before intensifying her training last week. He also spent some time last weekend at the AJGA event he hosts at Concession Golf Club, capping a busy break that has given Korda little chance to think about the history at stake this week at Upper Montclair Country Club in Clifton , New Jersey.

“What was crazy to me is that there was a girl who was warming up on the field with a TrackMan,” Korda said. “I thought, I don’t remember any of this in junior golf… It’s pretty incredible and amazing to see how dedicated the girls are at a very, very young age as well.”

Korda, 25, not far removed from junior golf, is surely inspiring all those young girls right now. However, in her opinion she is not trying to do anything special.

“I’m just here doing what I love and I hope that’s what naturally grows the game,” Korda said. “I’m not trying to force anything. I hope people see me for who I am and I love this game and doing it naturally.

“At the end of the day, I think if you perform well in your sport, that’s what gets people’s attention.”

After a night of turning heads with her fashion, Korda is back to letting her clubs do the talking.

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