After ending September’s concert shortfall, The Weeknd will be performing make-up at SoFi stadium.

The Weeknd took the stage again at SoFi Stadium early Saturday, two months after tearfully interrupting his concert due to vocal problems mid-performance.

The 32-year-old singer joked to fans that they were ‘back at the scene of the crime’, but put on an incredible show for the sold-out crowd as part of his After Hours Til Dawn tour.

During his September 3 performance at the Inglewood outdoor arena, the Blinding Lights performer “lost” his voice towards the start of the show, causing him to abruptly leave the stage just 18 minutes later.

Great comeback! The Weeknd, 32, returned to SoFi Stadium in Inglewood on Saturday night for a make-up concert after cutting short his Sept. 3 performance due to losing his voice.

The entertainer, whose real name is Abel Makkonen Tesfaye, began his concert in front of a lively and excited audience.

He opened his show with the same set list as the concert on September 3, with the tune Can’t Feel My Face after three tracks from his Dawn FM album.

The 2015 hit song was when The Weeknd had originally experienced vocal issues two months earlier. However, much to the relief of the singer and his fans, the performance went smoothly and no issues arose.

'Crime Scene': Shortly After The Performance, The Singer Humorously Told The Audience That They Were 'Back At The Scene Of The Crime.'

‘Crime Scene’: Shortly after the performance, the singer humorously told the audience that they were ‘back at the scene of the crime.’

Very Grateful: The Talented Singer Expressed His Gratitude To The Fans Midway Through The Performance:

Very Grateful: The talented singer expressed his gratitude to fans mid-performance: “Thank you from the bottom of my heart for fighting with me.”

Not long after the makeover concert, the star took a moment in between her set list to say a few words to the crowd, according to Yahoo Entertainment. ‘And we’re back at the scene of the crime, it seems,’ he teased lightly.

‘How does it sound tonight, does it sound good? Love you. And the party has just started,” Abel added as the crowd erupted in cheers.

The artist himself appeared to be in high spirits and, at one point, was seen holding the microphone stand above his head, feeling victorious that everything seemed to be going well.

Successful Performance: During The Show, The Weeknd Could Be Seen Raising The Microphone Stand Above His Head, Appearing To Be Beyond Excited That The Concert Was Going Well.

Successful performance: During the show, The Weeknd could be seen raising the microphone stand above his head, appearing to be beyond excited that the concert was going well.

Devastated: During His Concert On September 3, Abel Had Informed The Audience That He Needed To Stop The Show, Explaining:

Devastated: During his concert on September 3, Abel had informed the audience that he needed to stop the show, explaining: “I don’t know what happened when I screamed, but I lost my voice.”

In an Instagram video shared by Yahoo Entertainment, The Weeknd also expressed his gratitude for the fans’ return and continued support.

“Thank you from the bottom of my heart for fighting with me and for coming back and showing me so much love,” she announced touchingly, adding, “I knew you would come back.”

‘I love you guys so much, and I don’t know what else to say. Los Angeles, I love you!’

Cleared: Not Long After Stopping His Los Angeles Show Mid-Performance, He Announced That He Had Been Cleared By A Doctor To Continue With The Rest Of His Tour Dates.

Cleared: Not long after stopping his Los Angeles show mid-performance, he announced that he had been cleared by a doctor to continue with the rest of his tour dates.

Another Round: The Weeknd Announced On His Instagram Story Early Saturday That He Would Soon Be Announcing A

Another round: The Weeknd announced on his Instagram story early Saturday that he would soon be announcing a “second leg” of his After Hours Til Dawn tour.

At one point during the concert, the stage lights were dimmed and Abel took a few minutes to emotionally look around the crowd, catching the overwhelming support.

During his show on September 3, The Weeknd had enthusiastically shouted at the audience shortly after the concert began during Can’t Feel My Face, causing him to immediately lose his voice.

He had taken the stage with the music stopping and sadly informed the 70,000 fans in attendance: ‘I personally want to apologize to you. I don’t know what happened when I screamed, but I lost my voice.

More To Come! He Shared With His Fans That He Plans To Add More Dates To His Tour.

More to come! He shared with his fans that he plans to add more dates to his tour.

He Is Back! On Sofi Stadium'S Instagram, An Image Of The Moon Above The Stage Was Shared With The Caption

He is back! On SoFi Stadium’s Instagram, an image of the moon above the stage was shared with the caption “the moon is back.”

The Starboy singer expressed heartbroken: ‘This is killing me. I don’t want to stop the show. The star tried to explain that he couldn’t give, ‘the concert I want to give you right now’. I’ll make sure everyone’s okay, I’ll get your money back, but I’ll be putting on a show for you very soon.

And a show she did during the makeup concert on Saturday. The Weeknd is scheduled to perform on the SoFi stage once again on Sunday, November 27, wrapping up the first leg of his Til Dawn After Hours tour.

However, the singer revealed on his Instagram earlier Saturday that he had plans to add more dates for a ‘second leg’ to his tour.

Celebrities In Attendance: Model And Tv Personality Amber Rose Made A Stylish Appearance To Watch The Weeknd'S Concert And Shared A Short Clip On Her Instagram Page.

Celebrities in attendance: Model and TV personality Amber Rose made a stylish appearance to watch The Weeknd’s concert and shared a short clip on her Instagram page.

Dressed To Impress: She Donned A Multicolored Polka Dot Jumpsuit With A Low, Deep V-Neckline And Slipped On A Pair Of Reflective Shades Of Vibrant Orange And Yellow.

Dressed to impress: She donned a multicolored polka dot jumpsuit with a low, deep V-neckline and slipped on a pair of reflective shades of vibrant orange and yellow.

During the much-anticipated makeup concert on Saturday night, other celebrities stopped by to show their support for the talented musical artist.

Model and TV personality Amber Rose made a stylish appearance to watch The Weeknd’s concert and shared a short clip from the memorable night on her Instagram.

She changed into a multicolored polka dot jumpsuit with a low, deep V-neckline. The star donned a pair of vibrant reflective orange and yellow shades to bring a pop of color to her overall ensemble.

Fashion Statement: Actress And Model, Karreuche Tran, Was Also At The Concert And Further Showed Her Fun Experience On Her Instagram Stories.

Fashion statement: Actress and model, Karreuche Tran, was also at the concert and further showed her fun experience on her Instagram stories.

In the caption to her post, Amber wrote to her fans and followers that “the @theweeknd show was amazing.”

Actress and model Karreuche Tran was also at the concert and also showed her fun experience on her Instagram stories.

He showed his 12.8 million followers his vision of the stage while The Weeknd performed one of his songs.

The beauty reposted a mirror selfie with her close friend as the two flaunted their trendy looks for the evening.

Great View: He Showed His 12.8 Million Followers His View Of The Stage While The Weeknd Performed.

Having Fun: The Beauty Seemed To Be Enjoying Herself While Watching The Show

Great view: He showed his 12.8 million followers his view of the stage while The Weeknd performed.

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