After confirming their romance, Ben Platt & Noah Galvin announce their engagement after two years

Ben Platt & Noah Galvin Announce Engagement Two Years After Confirming Romantic Relationship: ‘He We have agreed to remain together forever

Ben Platt and Noah Galvin have been engaged.

As they shared their intimate proposal, the couple posted moments to Instagram.

‘He Ben, 29 captioned the proposal post, “I agreed to hang out for ever.”

He “Yeehaw!’: Noah Galvin and Ben Platt announced their engagement Friday 

Noah, 28 years old captioned the photos: “I said yehaw and then I cried for like seven hours.”

Noah was surrounded by lavish floral arrangements and huge candles when Ben proposed to Noah.

The Politician actor tenderly placed Noah’s hands on Noah’s forehead as the pair gazed at each other.

Noah was presented with a Grace Lee Designs silver ring by Ben. His love proudly displays it in these photos.

He Put A Ring On It! Noah Proudly Flaunted The Ring Bestowed To Him By His Future Husband

He Add a ring to it! Noah proudly wore the ring that his future husband had given him. 

Noah and Ben became friends when they were both cast in Dear Evan Hansen, the Broadway musical. Noah succeeded Ben when the former quit in 2017.

They became more than friends over time.

Noah and Noah were confirmed to be dating in 2020.

Together Forever: 'He Agreed To Hang Out Forever,' Ben, 29, Captioned The Proposal Post

Together forever: ‘He Ben, aged 29, captioned his proposal post: “I agreed to hangout forever.”

Talking about the Ilana’s Little-Known Facts Podcast, Noah said that Ben and I were dating. I asked him this morning and he was like, “Can we talk about this?”

“And he’s like: “Don’t go into the nitty gritty of our lives, but people can still learn.” It’s still very new.

Noah and Ben were not the only Dear Evan Hansen ex-stars. Taylor Trensch was also in a relationship, while Ben Levi Ross was with Noah. Noah joked that the show is “so incestuous”.

Wow: The Sleek, Silver Ring Is From Grace Lee Designs

Wow: The sleek, silver ring is from Grace Lee Designs

He She said, “I know it’s incestuous. It’s understandable, because we all went through this war together. We feel very connected.

Ben presented Noah with a sweet video he’d been working on for months, to celebrate his 26th Birthday.

Noah explained, “Long story long, Ben made me an animated birthday video. Ben, who has been making this video for me for at least three months, has been very sweet.

“It’s all my favourite drag Queens from RuPaul’s Drag Race, and beyond, as well as all of my friends who are in drag, wishing my happy birthday.

Interesting Start! Ben And Noah First Became Friends After Both Playing The Lead Roles In The Hit Broadway Musical Dear Evan Hansen. Noah Succeeded Ben After The Former Quit The Play In 2017

It’s a great start! After playing lead roles in Dear Evan Hansen’s Broadway hit musical, Ben and Noah became close friends. After Ben quit the play in 2017, Noah succeeded him.

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