After being threatened by a housekeeper, Libbie Mugrabi claims she’s the victim

Libbie Mugrabi is a Hamptons socialite, who was charged with attacking her housekeeper earlier in the week.

The 43-year old woman is ex-wife to billionaire Andy Warhol art collector David Mugrabi. She was arrested at her Sag Harbor residence and charged with’menacing’, criminal mischief, and criminal possession of weapons, police said. New York Post

She claims that the workers took over her Long Island home while she was gone. 

She added: ‘[They] They weren’t supposed to be living there. They were not doing any work. They were just glamping in the Hamptons. 

Mugrabi stated that the housekeeper had attacked Mugrabi, and she stole designer shoes. 

Libbie MUGRABI, a Hamptons socialite was arrested and charged earlier this week with attacking her housekeeper. She is now speaking out, claiming that she was the victim of domestic workers who were ‘glamping at her home’

The 43-Year-Old, Is The Ex-Wife Of Billionaire Andy Warhol Art Collector David Mugrabi, And Was Arrested At Her Sag Harbor Home And Charged With 'Menacing, Criminal Mischief And Criminal Possession Of A Weapon'

The 43-year old woman is ex-wife to billionaire Andy Warhol art collector David Mugrabi. She was arrested at her Sag Harbor residence and charged with’menacing and criminal mischief’ and ‘criminal possession of a firearm’

However, She Says That While She Was Away From Her Long Island Home, The Workers Had Taken Over The Place

But she claims that workers took over the Long Island home she was on while she was away.

Mugrabi Added That The Housekeeper In Question Attacked Her And Stole Pairs Of Designer Shoes

Mugrabi stated that the housekeeper had attacked Mugrabi, and she stole designer shoes.

Mugrabi claims that she was ‘roughed-up’ by local police officers. 

She According to the report, she stated that she returned to the house on July 31 after a vacation to visit the domestic workers. The Post.  

Mugrabi stated that Latin American workers should’ve been working in my house, not living in my home. A lady was found in my guest bedroom the night I returned home. She was supposed to be fired. I saw her when I went to the bathroom and was terrified.

Mugrabi says that when she asked her housekeeper to leave, she began ‘throwing stuff’ at her, including a cellphone and the bottom of a stringy mops, along with a Bible. 

Mugrabi stated that the domestic worker was screaming like a crazy person. 

She After her handyman convinced her, she claimed that she entered her bedroom and locked the door. 

Mugrabi also added.She She complained that she didn’t have any cash. I gave her $500, or $600 from my wallet. I just wanted her to leave … She Got driven to Brooklyn. It cost me $268. She also had my Balenciaga shoes, Chanel shoes, and vintage ballet flats in her bag.

According to the socialite, she would never hit anyone. I am not aggressive in any way. I am aggressive with my voice. She said everything I did to her that she did to me.

Mugrabi’s mother also claimed to be able to see the housekeeper taking over when Mugrabi visited her in July while her daughter was absent.  

Scher said of the workers: ‘They were in the pool and the hot tub and wouldn’t even give me a cup of coffee. I thought they lived a better life that mine.

Mugrabi claimed that she had gotten the workers out her home by August 9. 

According to reports, the fight broke out after Mugrabi’s housekeeper complained that she owed money.

Southampton Town Police stated that Mugrabi had ‘forcefully, unlawfully’ expelled the former employee.

According to a source, Mugrabi was released on bail after her arraignment at Southampton Town Justice Court.

Marianne Bertuna of Aidala Bertuna & Kamins stated in a statement that Libbie Mugrabi was a pillar of the community and a law-abiding citizen.

Wealthy Socialite Libbie Mugrabi, 43, Was Arrested For Allegedly 'Breaking Her Ex-Housekeeper'S Phone And Threatening Her With A Knife And Mop Handle' When Asked For The Money She Owed Her

Wealthy socialite Libbie Mugrabi (43), was arrested for allegedly ‘breaking the phone of her ex-housekeeper and threatening her using a knife handle and a mop handle’ when she asked for the money that she owed.

The Fight Allegedly Broke Out On July 31 After Her Housekeeper Complained About Money That She Had Been Owed By Mugrabi

According to reports, the fight broke out after Mugrabi’s housekeeper complained that she owed money.

Southampton Town Police Said That The Fight Ended When Mugrabi 'Forcefully And Unlawfully' Evicted The Now Ex-Employee

Southampton Town Police claimed that the fight came to an end when Mugrabi evicted Mugrabi’s ex-employee.

A Source Close To Libbie, Who'S Acrimonious Divorce Was Branded New York City'S 'Nastiest' Split, Said Her Ex-Husband David (Pictured) Stopped Paying Her Bills

A source close to Libbie said that her bitter divorce was deemed New York City’s nastiest’. David, her ex-husband (pictured), stopped paying her bills.

“The evidence will demonstrate that she is innocent” We are looking forward to the dismissal of this matter in its entirety.

Friends of Mugrabi stated that Mugrabi denied the charges. A Hamptons friend argued, ‘Libbie is innocent’ of the accusations.

After her 13-year marriage to David Mugrabi, the mother of two, ended in July 2018, when she was caught naked by him with another woman. She is now a philanthropist, designer, and entrepreneur.

Her An acrimonious divorce saw her leave with $100 million.

The settlement was not disclosed in detail. However, the estimated value of the Mugrabi family’s Andy Warhols private collection, worth $5 billion, was never disclosed.

Mugrabi, who divorced her art-collecting husband in December 2020, compared herself to the late Princess Of Wales during the turbulent split.

‘I had the same thing as her — I got married young,’ Mugrabi said in a 2021 interview with The New York Post.

‘She She was instructed what to wear and how to dress it,’ she stated.

1669435551 140 Libbie Mugrabi Says Shes The Victim After Being Arrested For

Above, the couple can be seen in New York City in April 2018, The couple had been married for 13+ years before their bitter split in December 2020.

Libbie Has Accused David Of Physically Assaulting Her When He Caught Her Trying To Move A $500,000 Keith Haring Sculpture (Above) Out Of Their Home

David was caught on camera trying to remove a Keith Haring sculpture that cost $500,000 from Libbie’s home.

Mugrabi, following her divorce, said that she would use part of her settlement to sponsor London’s Victoria and Albert Museum, and support their Fashion in Motion Program, which was set to be discontinued due to financial constraints.

Tatler was told by Mugrabi that the entertainment program would be the “perfect partner” for a divorcée after marriage.

Mugrabi shared that Fashion in Motion is her dream. It should be similar to the Met Gala in New York, where millions are raised for the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

According to reports, Mugrabi’s billionaire husband had stopped paying Mugrabi her bills in September 2020. This led to the socialite not paying her rent.

Mugrabi claimed that antidepressants were affecting her judgment during divorce settlement. She also said that she did not realize that she had agreed for $79,000 per month in child support.

Mugrabi claimed that she required the $98,000 per month she received before the settlement was made, to continue living with her estranged husband and children.

Mugrabi claimed in July that her Ibiza hotel suite had been ransacked. The thieves took $500,000 worth jewelry, designer bikinis, and hats.

Mugrabi was the daughter of a father and mother who were plastic surgeons. Her parents raised her between New Jersey, Florida and New Jersey.

In July This Year, Mugrabi Claimed That Her Ibiza Hotel Suite Was Ransacked, With Thieves Making Off With $500,000 Worth Of Jewelry, Designer Bikinis And Hats

 Mugrabi claimed her Ibiza hotel suite was robbed by thieves in July. They took $500,000 worth jewels, designer bikinis, hats, and other accessories.

The Mugrabi'S Daughter Poses In Front Of One Of The Family'S Many Andy Warhol Paintings, Said To Be The World'S Largest Collection Of The Pop Artist'S Work

Mugrabi'S Son Stands In Front Of Christopher Wool'S Much Coveted 1988 Piece Apocalypse Now, Which Last Sold In 2013 At Auction For A Little Over $26Million

 The mother of two, who was in a 13-year marriage to David Mugrabi, an art world scion, ended in July 2018, wanted to remain in the marriage until her children turned 18, but David filed papers

She When she was 22, she was on holiday in Aspen Colorado with David Mugrabi, the youngest of Jose Mugrabi’s Israeli business moguls, and Mary, her mother.

The couple lived the high life and owned a mansion in New York City.

She stated that she was a chef, a driver, three maids, three cleaners, and probably 30 vacations a calendar year.

Mugrabi claims that her husband was naked when she woke up the next morning, after a Fourth of July party. Later, the house guest claimed that ‘nothing sexual happened’.

Their 13-year marriage came to an abrupt halt when divorce papers were filed. Mugrabi claims that the couple spent approximately $3 million each year.

Mugrabi also charged David with assaulting Mugrabi when he saw him trying to take a Keith Haring sculpture, worth $500,000, out of their house. New York Supreme Court heard about the incident, but David wasn’t arrested.

The bitter exchanges that took place between the couple – who were married one year after they met at The St Regis Hotel In Aspen, Colorado in 2005 – led to the dispute being called ‘the nastiest divorce in NYC’.

They have two children, Mary and Joseph, which are thought to be between 15 and 13.

David and his Syrian family are valued at $5 billion. They are art legends with the largest private collection of Andy Warhol works in the world.

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