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After being banned, ChatGPT is back in Italy.


After making changes to satisfy Italian regulators, ChatGPT maker OpenAI has restored access to its service in Italy, as stated in a press release published by The Associated Press and sent to The Verge. OpenAI claims to have “addressed or clarified” the concerns raised by the Italian Data Protection Authority (GPDP) back in late March, which accused ChatGPT of illegally collecting user data and failing to prevent underage users from accessing inappropriate material. OpenAI blocked ChatGPT in the country as a result of these allegations, but with changes implemented and a new tool to verify users’ ages upon signup in Italy, the service is available again.

OpenAI also linked to a new GDPR form for EU users to request personal data removal and published a help center article detailing how ChatGPT and OpenAI collect personal information, including how to contact the GDPR-mandated data protection officer. While the GPDP welcomes OpenAI’s measures, it has urged the company to comply with further age verification changes and inform Italians of their right to opt out of data gathering. While OpenAI’s actions in Italy do not drastically modify how ChatGPT operates, the company will continue to face challenges as other countries, including Spain and Canada, consider investigations into its practices.

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