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After 500 days, at a depth of 70 meters, a Spanish athlete emerges from under the ground


“The Lady of the Cave”… More than 500 days, or a year and a half, the Spanish athlete spent underground in complete isolation. An experience described by the fifty-year-old woman after her graduation as excellent. But this adventure was not only for fun, but behind it scientific goals.

Spanish athlete Beatriz Flamini has risen to the surface of the earth again after spending 500 days in a cave at a depth of 70 meters underground, breaking the record.

Fifty-year-old Flamini went down alone to the cave near the city of Motril, south of Granada in Andalusia.


Flamini practices what is known as extreme sports, and has been cut off from the outside world for 500 days as part of an experiment closely monitored by researchers, in order to learn more about the capabilities of the human brain and the circadian system, that is, the vital rhythm within the body that occurs over a 24-hour period.

This challenge was initiated by the athlete in November 2021, that is, before the outbreak of the war in Ukraine, before the end of the strict closure imposed by Spain during the Corona pandemic, and before the death of Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II.

After leaving the cave, Flamini spoke to those present, saying that she had been silent for a year and a half, speaking only to herself. About her experience, she said: “It’s incomparable, it’s excellent.”

I have read sixty books

Flamini spent her time underground doing sports to keep herself fit and occupied, as well as paint and weave woolen hats. She had two small cameras to document what was happening with her. During this period, Flamini read more than sixty books and consumed more than a thousand liters of water, according to the team supervising the experiment.

Describing Flamini, Spanish speleologist Paco Morales said: “The approach of the experiment was very clear to her. She was very strong mentally, both in terms of nutrition, because she knew very well what to eat, and also in terms of drinking. She was very methodical in dealing with Water. She’s a strong person.”

With this experience, Flamini has broken the record for isolation underground, which has been standing for fifty years, amounting to 103 days. But it also broke the record set by Italian Christine Lantzoni in 2007, who spent 269 days in an underground laboratory, according to the Andalusian Union of Cave Sciences and Valleys.

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