AFL boss Gil McLachlan asked random homeowners if he could use their toilet

Bizarre moment when Gil McLachlan, busty AFL boss Gil McLachlan, knocked on the door of a random house to use their toilet after leaving the Melbourne Cup – only to discover that the house is owned by the parents of footy star!

AFL boss Gil McLachlan came up short at the Melbourne Cup last week and ended up at the home of Luke Ryan’s parents, the Fremantle star has revealed.

McLachlan was in attendance at Flemington as spectators returned to the iconic racecourse for the first time in two years, while fans were kept out of the coronavirus pandemic.

And as the estimated 100,000 gamblers left the venue and back into town, McLachlan had an urgent need to use the restroom and knocked on the door of a random house.

Gil McLachlan landed in the childhood home of an AFL star after attending the Melbourne Cup

Gil McLachlan landed in the childhood home of an AFL star after attending the Melbourne Cup

Unbeknownst to the AFL chief, the owners of the house were the parents of Dockers gun Ryan, in a bizarre series of events.

“Dad works in Flemington and he’d seen Gill at the birdcage, they had a little chat about the footy,” Ryan told 6pr. “He walked home, walked to get a taxi, we live almost right on the racecourse.

“He saw mommy and daddy and asked if he could go to the bathroom, he went in and mommy has one of my sweaters on the wall, they had a good chat and mommy told him I’m her son and yes it was fine weird . Mama said he was a very nice guy.

Luke Ryan (R) revealed how the AFL boss was caught shortly after going to Flemington

McLachlan asked to use the toilet at Ryan’s parents’ house just outside the racecourse

‘Mom took a picture, she couldn’t believe it, she was so happy. It’s unbelievable how these things happen.’

Living in Flemington, it’s not uncommon for passing gamblers to ask to use the Ryan household’s facilities, the 26-year-old added.

‘It’s not the first time that’s happened, is it? [Gill] wasn’t blind drunk but we’ve had a few ask to go to the toilet. It’s pretty funny.’