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Afghan artist exiled in France makes work about female liberation

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August 15 marks one year since the Taliban conquered Afghanistan. FRANCE 24 has spoken to refugees who have fled the country. In episode three of our series of special reports, we meet Kubra Khademi, an Afghan artist exiled in France.

In 2015, artist Kubra Khademi created a performance that would change her life at just 26 years old. With her body clad in homemade metal armor that exaggerated her breasts and buttocks, she roamed Kabul: her way of exposing the power of the patriarchy and the harassment she and millions of women have suffered since childhood.

She immediately received death threats — and had to leave everything behind to flee to France.

Today, as a French citizen, Kubra continues to fight for women’s rights in Afghanistan, on the French streets and through her art.

“We cannot abandon women,” Khademi told FRANCE 24. “There is no hope for them. Nothing. But they will never stop as long as there are voices to speak out.”

Click on the player above to view our special report.

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