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Affordable & Most Useful Gift Ideas For Brothers Who Live Alone


Do you have a younger or older brother who is living in a hostel, PG, or in a place away from home for studies or a job? If so, then you must know that it is not easy for men to live alone with boys for the whole of their life. They are either dependent on their mother or sisters for household-related work. Now that they have to live alone and will have no one to take care of things, they will have to do everything on their own.

Since you can’t go there and live with him for a long time to take care of him, you can gift him a few household items or gadgets that will help him with housework so that he will not have to spend much time doing them and can concentrate on his job and studies. Here we have suggested some affordable house gift items that you can give him to make his life easier.

1] Bread Maker Or Toaster

Your brother may have to rush for classes or the office to reach on time, and this may lead to a shortage of time for preparing breakfast. With a bread maker or toaster, he can easily toast bread while getting ready or doing other work, and he won’t leave home with an empty stomach.

2] Kitchen Linen

Boys make a lot of mess in the kitchen while working or cooking any dish; hence to make your brother work without getting himself and his clothes dirty, you can give him kitchen linen or an apron to use while he’s in the kitchen. These also can be considered as one of the best Personalised Gifts that you can give him as you can add a personal touch to them by printing quotes and images that will suit your brother.

3] Sensor Light

Sensor lights are the best affordable gifts for brothers, and they will light up their room/ home without even touching the switch. He can stick the light near the front door, in the kitchen, and also near the bathroom so that the area will light up whenever he goes there. This will avoid him from hitting the corners or the items and getting wounded. 

4] Sandwich Maker

Another gift for your brother that will help him make food faster in the morning or for snack time is a sandwich maker. With the help of this kitchen item, he can easily make a tasty sandwich in no time as all he will have to do is just pile up the ingredients in between the two slices of bread and put them in the maker. Now he can prepare his lunch while cleaning the room or getting ready for his office or class.

5] Rice Cooker

Help your brother with his meals by gifting him a rice cooker that is automated, and all he will have to do is add rice and water in the container. It happens that people often forget to keep an eye on the rice and indulge in other activities, which leads to overcooking or burning of food. But the cooker switches off automatically when the rice is cooked in order to avoid overcooking; hence it is a very useful gadget for your brother, who is living alone.

6] Grooming Kit 

If your brother is one of those selected people who is very sensitive about his appearance and always wants to look presentable, then you can give him a grooming kit that is also one of the best Personalised Gifts for Men. There are several companies and brands that offer customized grooming products for men that are designed and curated according to the skin type, so you can explore and order those for your brother.


You will not have to worry about your brother’s meals or lifestyle because with gifts from a rice cooker to a sandwich maker to a grooming kit, he will surely take care of himself as they are given by one of the most important people of his life. There are several other gift items that you can get in online and offline stores for him, so you can ask him what he needs if you can’t decide what to give him. 

You can also give these listed gifts to your male friend too who is going to live alone for the first time as well as they fit perfectly to be given on any other occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, housewarming, and many more.

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