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Adventure games are dying out? This developer says no!


Goat riddles, fake beards made of cat hair and maple syrup, insult fencing. There are quite a few legendary puzzles from classic point & click adventures – but most of them are many years old. Because the adventure genre actually only exists for a few last retro fans. Or?

Is the point & click genre really doomed or even long dead? Or is it just evolving without us immediately recognizing its roots?

The genre just experienced a big revival with Return to Monkey Island, when one of the greatest adventure series of all time got a new finale from Ron Gilbert himself in 2022. And behind the scenes there are always passionate indie developers who want to revive old virtues – including the man who is currently working on »The Adventures of Bryan Scott«.

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Tom Stossno is a composer and game developer and has made it his mission to create a spiritual successor to Broken Broken Dragon and Deponia – and that’s not easy to say. Former Deponia developers as well as some of the original German and English voices from Broken Bros. support him.

So Géraldine and Micha asked Tom in the podcast: Why Point & Click? What can the genre do that no other medium can do? Where does the passion for classic adventures come from?

Micha also asks himself: What about Pentiment? Isn’t that the logical further development of classic Point & Clicks? In any case, he is sure of one thing: The genre was exactly the right choice for this type of story.

And we all draw a conclusion from this: We wish more conscious decisions would be made when choosing a genre and not just those that sell well.

Because point & click is not a strong buzzword for many, Tom can sing a song about that. But as few reactions from magazines he may sometimes get to »The Adventures of Bryan Scott«, genre fans react enthusiastically to his current one Kickstarter campaign. By the way, it runs until April 7th if you want to become a supporter yourself. Or you look up Steam Stop by and try the latest free demo of The Adventures of Bryan Scott!

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