Advantages and Disadvantages of Internships

Internships are important to gain work experience and to increase job opportunities. But the question arises, are internships all good or is there any disadvantage of it? for that purpose we must watch for the advantages and disadvantages of internships.

We are living in a global village and now we can prefer having international internships such as internships in Australia, UK or UAE. 


Experience the real work:

Internship plays an important role in giving you the real work experience. Most of the companies and institutes are reluctant to hire a person who is is because you would probably not a reliable person to them. They need a person who must know how to work and who is practical enough to fit the bill. internships provide you the platform to gain experience about your field which would definitely help you to get a job easily.

Analysis your taste:

Internships helps you to understand your taste about your field. Theoretically work is different. whatever you have learnt is okay but when you get practical, the ground realities seems different. Most of the students face the problems to understand their taste and temperaments. when they become practical after finishing the degree, the work seems difficult to them and after this tragedy they come to know that they were not meant for that particular field. To overcome these mishaps internships, play the best role.

Better your skills:

For the betterment of one’s skills, internships provide the basic threshold. It helps students to get their skills properly polished. Many students make themselves nerds and don’t go for practical work. They opt learning instead of applying what they have learnt so far despite of the skills they have. But skill is something that demands working on it to gain proper results.  Good communication skills, workplace skills and work experience are well practiced during internships. 

Gain confidence:

Most of the students are introverts especially science students. It is really necessary for them to get an environment to become bold. internships help a lot to open up yourself and adapt according to the given helps you to realize your abilities and qualities. It helps you to generate certain poise in yourself. Also, it’s a gateway to Learn about yourself as a professional. 

Uplifts CV:

Internship provides you the chance to boost your cv up. A person with an improved CV would have high ranking than those who are having a simple cv without any experience.  your cv will tell the organization about your workplace skills, and work experience, the important basis on which they select a candidate.



Interns often are treated as assistants. They are seen making coffees, getting copies, delivering files and documents from one room to another. The employers use them as slaves and results are worst than you ‘d consider. Interns get very little to advance their knowledge. Some organizations really don’t need more employees and they take interns for these kinds of menial tasks. These sort of companies promises bountiful learning opportunities and upward career movement but use interns as servants and waste their precious time of learning. It is required to be aware of these kinds of situations and to save your time you must first consult experts for good organization to start your internship.    


Being an inter it is a common complain that employers do not care about most of the interns and their attentions are only captured by the brilliant intern working there. Being ignored demotivates interns a lot. it is a matter of fact that most of the interns do not give the first-class work but some of them are really hard workers and are very much concerned about the work. But employers need to hire only those who grasp things straight, so they focus on these kinds of interns only.   

Changing working hours:

The working hours may get vary during internship. if you are a student you would face this difficulty and your studies would also be badly affected. You won’t be able to give proper time to your studies due to the difficulty in time management.

Pay you less:

Some companies don’t pay much to the interns and sometimes they don’t even pay. Sometimes the outcomes of internships are financial burden. If you are a student and have mounting loan bills and Suppose the company is not near your college or home and it requires money to reach the location than, internship would result as a burden to you.