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Admirers of cosmetics argue that the $35 MCo Beauty foundation is a replica of Charlotte Tilbury’s.


Charlotte Tilbury’s ‘Dupe’ Foundation Hits Shelves at Half Price and Makeup Artists Are Obsessed: ‘They Match’

  • MCo Beauty Launches New Skin Product Flawless Glow ($35)
  • Beauty fans claim it’s “identical” to Charlotte Tilbury’s Flawless Filter ($65)

A budget brand has created a sneaky version of Charlotte Tilbury’s iconic Flawless Filter Foundation for half the price — and it just might be even better than the original.

MCo Beauty just launched its long-awaited foundation and makeup artists are already calling it “2023’s most iconic trick yet.”

The brand’s Flawless Glow Skin Makeup ($35) even looks like the brand’s pricier foundation with a gold shade and red lettering.

It is sure to fly off the shelves when shoppers learn how the two products compare.

Charlotte Tilbury’s Hollywood Flawless Filter ($65) is a staple in any beauty enthusiast’s makeup kit, but the high price tag usually causes hesitation.

The MCo Beauty product is more affordable and is often available at discounted prices at Woolworths, Big W and Chemist Warehouse.

Sydney makeup artist Ashley Day said: ‘I love the new MCo product – it’s so beautiful and luminous on my skin.

Makeup artist Ashley Day (pictured) was so excited to try out the new MCo Beauty product

MCo Beauty's Flawless Glow ($35)

Charlotte Tilbury Flawless Hollywood Filter ($65)

MCo Beauty just launched the long-awaited ‘trick’ of Charlotte Tilbury’s iconic Flawless Filter Foundation—and it’s half the price

The professional makeup artist shared a video in which she compared both products side by side.

“MCo Beauty just launched a trick—and it’s literally the most iconic trick of the year yet,” said Ashley.

“It’s the brand new Flawless Glow Foundation, and I can’t believe they finally came out with this!”

As a brand partner, Ashley revealed that the product was a “long time in the making.”

“We know and love this formula,” she said of the Flawless Filter CT as she applied it to the left side of her face.

“It removes redness and evens your skin tone.”

She admitted she was “so excited” to try MCo’s trick, and applied the formula to the other half of her face.

“It blends really well, and MCo has more coverage to it—which I absolutely love.”

“The product still gives that beautiful luminous glow but is more neutral.”

Ashley admitted that although she loves her CT foundation, she often finds it too “golden” and “yellow” which doesn’t wear well at night.

The woman also picked up another defect in the CT formula.

“Charlotte’s side definitely focuses on the pore area (around my nose) a lot, which is why I don’t reach for this product often.”

“However, MCo doesn’t focus on pores, fine lines, or texture at all—and I can honestly say I like it better on the CT side.”


The MCo Beauty product is very affordable and often available at discounted prices at Woolworths, Big W and Chemist Warehouse.

Dubbed “2023’s most iconic trick yet,” the brand’s Flawless Glow Skin Product ($35) is sure to fly off the shelves.

Many were excited to try MCo’s new product and see how it measured up against their favorite product.

“I’ve been loving all of MCo’s other products – and this one looks good, too!” said a woman.

Another added, “Wow, they are both beautiful on you.”

A third wrote, “I literally added it to my cart right away.”

Fans have also pointed out that the duper is so similar that the packaging is “practically the same,” too.

“Wow – I couldn’t even tell the difference between the bottles for a second.”

“There is no difference between them.”


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