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Adelaide Rundle Street Mall Strandbags teenage girl throws bag at shopper filming her and a friend


Shocking moment teenage girls erupt into foul-mouthed tirade and throw handbag at shopper at busy store

  • Teenagers confronted in store
  • A bag was thrown in the face of a shopper

Footage has captured the moment teenagers erupted into an expletive-laden tirade before one threw a bag at a customer after they were accused of trying to shoplift. 

The two girls had been shopping at Strandbags at Rundle Mall, in Adelaide, when they were confronted by a staff member and shopper.

Video from the heated altercation emerged on Thursday with footage showing one of the girls, dressed in a black Puma hoodie, picking up a bag sitting on a shelf. 

The unknown girls were in the middle of a heated argument against everyone else in the Rundle Mall Strandbags store in Adelaide when they were ejected from the store

She is then seen hurling the bag towards the shopper before the footage cuts out. 

The two teenage girls were videoed moments earlier walking around the store. 

A staff member told the pair they were being recorded prompting one of them to hurl an insult at her.

‘Motherf***er,’ she said.

The second teenager looks directly at the customer.

‘Why is she recording us?’ she said. ‘Is that a worker?’

The staff member explains the customer is not employed at the store.

‘No, she is a private citizen. She can record you,’ the staff member said.

The teenager wearing the black Puma hoodie then taunts her.

‘Keep recording motherf***er,’ she said.

She then hurled the bag at the person recording the footage before it cut out. 

Strandbags confirmed an incident had taken place but decline to comment further on the matter when contacted by Daily Mail Australia.

Daily Mail Australia contacted South Australia Police for comment.

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