Add some GPS to your BMX! This top-rated bike phone holder is on sale for just $10 at Amazon

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Just clip it to the wheel, wrap it around your cell and you’re ready to hit the road. (Photo: Amazon)

Let’s face it: one of the thrills of a motorcycle or bicycle is the ability to hit the road and let it take you where it can. Every week on Then came Bronson on NBC, a motorcycle-mounted Michael Parks would tell that San Francisco driver next to him that he was “taking a journey” to “wherever I end up.” Then again, he didn’t have much choice: While a two-wheel ride is great for having the open road in front of you, you can’t exactly spread a map on the handlebars.

Today, our phones can be our navigators, with their GPS functionality, but as anyone who’s ever been ambitious (read: insane) enough to try texting and driving can tell you, it’s a recipe for a wobbly front with one arm for disaster. That’s why riders looking for the perfect way to keep their hands on the wheel and not have their phone screens torn, the Mongoora bicycle and motorcycle phone holder, now for a ridiculously low price.

Buy it: Mongoora Bike and Motorcycle Phone Holder, $10 with coupon on the page (was $21),

But of course it works on bikes too!  (Photo: Amazon)

But of course it works on bikes too! (Photo: Amazon)

Yes, only ten dollars with the coupon on the page. The Mongoora bicycle and motorcycle phone holder has been carefully designed to accommodate most handlebars and most types of phones, making it perfect for a wide range of riders to finally have their phones to hand without having to use their hands. With a durable elastic silicone band (this deal includes three of them in black, red and neon green) that protects the phone and can absorb shocks and impacts without blocking the screen, this mount also has 360-degree rotation, allowing for a customizable driving style. . experience to account for glare, height and other concerns about fishing.

Measuring just 3″ in length and width and 2″ in height, this compact mount is designed to be completely unobtrusive, allowing full access to all of your phone’s functionality, including the headphone jack, while still providing full protection for the device. It’s incredibly easy to install and the simple double-bolt design ensures the mount stays firmly on the handlebars throughout the ride and beyond.

Buy it: Mongoora Bike and Motorcycle Phone Holder, $10 with coupon on the page (was $21),

Stability and security are crucial when looking for a phone holder, which is where Mongoora stands out. “One of the main things I was concerned about with this mount was the security of my phone,” one cautious commuter told their five star review. “This mounts very securely to your bike and also holds your phone very securely. The two adjustable clamps on the side do most of the work, but then there is essentially a sturdy rubber band that also holds your phone. secured from all four corners and with the clip on the side your phone won’t go anywhere unless you want it to.”

Another reviewer selected the durability of the support, noting: “This support seems indestructible at the moment.” They add, “I would highly recommend this mount to anyone who rides motorcycles, especially for the quality at a VERY good price.”

An old rider even mentioned the Mongoora bicycle and motorcycle phone holder “exactly what I’ve needed for nearly two decades” and commented, “I took mine on an 11-mile ride on rough terrain last weekend with no issues.”

So if you’re going on the public road, or even just your local bike path, and you want your smartphone to stick there, help secure it with the Mongoora bicycle and motorcycle phone holder today.

Buy it: Mongoora Bike and Motorcycle Phone Holder, $10 with coupon on the page (was $21),

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