Adam Driver Turns Into A Centaur In Burberry Ad You Have To See To Believe

Adam DriverThe new Burberry campaign is causing quite a stir.

On July 28, the brand debuted its campaign for its fragrance Burberry Hero starring the 37-year-old actor. Set to FKA twigs“Two weeks,” the one-minute ad begins with a shirtless driver running next to a horse on the beach. Then they both go into the water and start swimming. But once the two-time Oscar nominee resurfaces, he emerges as a centaur.

Let’s just say, the internet has some thoughts. “Just proved,” wrote one follower on Instagram, “the hottest man in the world.” tweeted another fan: “Okay, but Adam Driver’s set pics for the burberry ad.. I heard Kylo Ren was shredded. I heard he had an 8-pack.” Added a third social media user, “@Burberry Adam Thee Stallion.”

And in case you were wondering, yeah, John Oliver has seen it too. “After an unexpected development that will demand John’s full attention, there will be no new episodes” Last week tonight for the foreseeable future,” Last week tonight‘s official Twitter account wrote next to the retweeted video.

According to a press release, the Jonathan Glazer-directed film “captures the enigmatic and adventurous Adam Driver in the awe-inspiring beauty of the natural world, seeking freedom and personal transformation, no longer hindered by prejudice.”

Burberry’s “London in Los Angeles” Event

“The campaign challenges traditional stereotypes of masculinity, brings horse and man together and creates a modern myth,” the release continues. “Exploring the powerful images of a horse against the vast coastline Riccardo Tiscia‘s codes of duality and the power of the animal kingdom. Through the vivid metaphor of a man who becomes a mythical creature in the mighty sea, the campaign illustrates the story of a man who leaps into the unknown, overcomes difficulties and transforms into something new, while remaining true to himself.”

It also says that Driver “embodies the spirit of the fragrance, embracing freedom of expression and the beauty of opposites.”

“I am very pleased to be working with Burberry on the Burberry Hero fragrance campaign,” the Star Wars alum added, “and with designer Riccardo Tisci in representing his first fragrance for the brand.”

Adam Driver, Burberry

Tisci stated that he wanted the fragrance to “encapsulate modern masculinity, tap into the essence of human and animal instincts”, and “channel the duality between strength and sensitivity”.

“I am so pleased to have partnered with the amazing Adam Driver to embody Burberry Hero for the house,” said the chief creative officer in the release. “He has this incredible depth in articulating what masculinity means today – how power can be subtle and amplify emotions. Our Founder Thomas Burberry was a man who also celebrated that balance, with a powerful yet romantic horse as the iconic emblem for his brand, inspiring many of the house codes we continue today.”

Watch the video above to see the campaign for yourself.