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Adam Brody says he was “immediately smitten” with wife Leighton Meester – WhatsNew2Day


Adam Brody knew he was interested in his now-wife Leighton Meester when he first saw her at a local Los Angeles sandwich shop — though he wasn’t sure she felt the same way.

The Fleishman is in trouble star stopped by Penn Badgley’s Pod crushed what he was talking about the first time he saw Master. She was with CW producer Josh Schwartz and she Gossip Girl co-stars at Canters Deli.

“Then I saw her, and yes, I was immediately sold,” he said on the podcast. “And I was, you know, beaten for a long time. I didn’t get to know her for many years after that, even though we even worked together briefly. She’s so sweet, and she’s so sweet. She’s so nice. She’s so good.”

The Shazam! The actor went on to explain that for some time before they started dating, he couldn’t get a sense of her or what she wanted from him.

“To her credit, she remained elusive to me for so long and aloof,” he shared. “I couldn’t quite read it because even though she claims to have been interested in me and all that stuff, not only has she not pursued that, I mean she was totally willing to never let that happen.” He jokingly added that she was “perfectly willing to let that message in the bottle go back into the sea at various points.”

The OC alum also recalled that the excuse she gave him at the time was to keep him on his toes. “She says, ‘Oh, it’s because I knew if we did that it would be something,’ you know,’ he said, ‘or like it’s too powerful.’

Brody and Meester have been married for nine years and were first romantically linked in 2013. They have two children together, a 7-year-old daughter Arlo Day and a 2-year-old son, whose name they have not yet announced.

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