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Actress tells court her ‘shaken’ friend confided in her that actor Danny Masterson raped her

An actress who played alongside one of the women who accused Danny Masterson of rape testified on Thursday that her “shaken” friend had confided in her that she had been assaulted.

Jordan Ladd, 47, told the court she was shocked when Jane Doe 2 told her about the night in late 2003 when the actor allegedly raped her in his shower and again in his bedroom.

“It was a tough conversation,” said Ladd, who has been friends with fellow actress Jane Doe 2 for more than 20 years since the two starred in a movie together.

“She revealed to me that she had been through something I recognized as date rape.”

Three women – Jane Does 1, 2 and 3 – have all accused 46-year-old Masterson of raping them at his Hollywood Hills home from 2001-2003.

The women claim that he sprinkled them with alcohol before attacking them and sometimes attacked them while they were unconscious. One said Scientology representatives pressured her not to report the crimes to the police.

Masterson has denied their allegations.

On Thursday, Ladd testified that Jane Doe 2 spoke to her after the alleged attack.

Actor Danny Masterson appears in court on Thursday with his wife, Bijou Phillips

Actress Jordan Ladd, pictured in 2019, testified Thursday in support of Jane Doe 2

“She looked shocked and she was shaking physically. She was emotional… she was shaking in her speech,” Ladd said.

“She said she’d had sex with Danny Masterson and she kept saying ‘no’ and ‘I don’t want this’ and she kept saying no, over and over.

“She said he wouldn’t stop and she gave up.”

When asked by Deputy District Attorney Ariel Anson how she reacted to her boyfriend’s disclosure, Ladd said, “I was shocked. I felt helpless, I couldn’t find words.

“She definitely said, ‘Don’t tell anyone.” She seemed scared, confused.

“She adamantly shut me down and was terrified I’d say anything to anyone.”

Ladd – who has starred in several Hollywood horror films – said she had been “pretty friends” with Masterson until the Jane Doe 2 episode.

But when she was at the wedding with Masterson at a wedding ceremony the following summer, “he was kind of cold and chilly for me.”

Under cross-examination by Philip Cohen, Masterson’s lawyer, Ladd – who is not a Scientologist – said that during her conversation with Jane Doe 2 about the alleged rape, she said she was concerned about a sexually transmitted disease because Masterson had not worn a condom.

“She was ashamed,” she added.

When Cohen asked if Jane Doe 2 said it was her idea to shower with Masterson, Ladd replied, “No.”

And when Cohen asked her if, even after the incident, Jane Doe 2 had told her that she and Masterson were “probably going to date,” she replied, “No.”

Masterson and Phillips are both Scientologists – as are the three women who accused him of rape. The women said members of the Church pressured them not to report their accusations

Phillips attended every day of her husband’s trial – the 10th day was Thursday

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Philipps and Masterson married in 2011 and have an eight-year-old daughter

Earlier on Thursday, a Los Angeles detective investigating the case told his three accusers not to talk to each other or the press and was shocked when their allegations appeared in the media.

Detective Esther Reyes, a 29-year veteran of the LAPD, told a court on Thursday she was adamant that the trio would avoid action that would “harm or contaminate the police investigation into their cases against the Scientologist and actor.

All three accusers admitted in court that they communicated with each other after being interviewed by Reyes in 2017.

Reyes told the court on Thursday that she had warned all three not to talk to each other or to other potential witnesses.

Masterson’s attorney Philip Cohen asked Reyes about “cross-contamination” in an investigation.

She explained that when alleged victims or witnesses talk to each other, “their memories may be different because they spoke to each other.”

Reyes agreed with Cohen that independence is essential.

“It’s important to get the independent memory of a witness who has not been influenced in any way by talking to other witnesses,” she said.

She added that she was concerned about the possible “damage” to her investigation that could be caused by the three prosecutors talking to each other about the case.

Reyes told the court she told Jane Does 1 through 3 not to speak to the press or the media during the investigation either — but later learned that “information had been released to the press by one or more of the Janes.” Does’.

All the alleged rapes allegedly took place in Masterson’s $6.2 million mansion in the Hollywood Hills

Jane Doe 2 also spoke to her mother – a Scientologist at the time – a day or two after the Masterson incident in 2003.

And on Thursday, the elderly mother fought back tears as she shared that conversation with her daughter.

“She was very upset,” her mother said.

“She said he came at her from behind like a jackhammer and relentless and she told him to stop and he wouldn’t stop.”

When asked by Anson if her daughter ever used the word rape in that conversation, her mother replied, “Not that I remember. I remember she said she was beaten.’

After a cross-examination by Cohen, Jane Doe 2’s mother denied his suggestion that her daughter still wanted a romantic relationship with the actor after the sexual encounter at Masterson’s house.

“I remember she said she wanted to go on a date – and it turned out to be something completely different,” she added.

Masterson, the married father of an eight-year-old daughter, pleaded not guilty to all charges.

The star of TV’s That ’70s Show faces up to 45 years to life in prison if convicted.

Elvis Presley’s daughter, Lisa Marie Presley, is on the witness list because she used to be a Scientologist.

All three accusers were also Scientologists, and Masterson remains an active member of the Church.

Masterson – who has been released on $3.3 million bail since his arrest in June 2020 – arrived at the courthouse in downtown Los Angeles on Thursday in a gray coat, beige pants, off-white shirt and gray striped tie for the 10th day of his process.

His accusers – whom only identifies as Jane Does 1 through 3 – are all former Scientologists and also took him and the Church of Scientology to civil court, alleging they have been harassed, stalked and harassed since reporting him to the police.


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