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Actors’ Equity Members Ratify New Touring Contract


Members of Actors’ Equity have voted to approve the new touring deal with the Broadway League.

The union, which represents more than 51,000 stage managers and actors, has been negotiating the new tour contract with the League since mid-January. On April 3, Actors’ Equity announced a strike threat against the Broadway League, which represents industry producers, hosts and general managers. The union announced on April 13 that it had reached a provisional agreement.

The new contract runs until September 7, 2026.

This agreement replaces the previous tour production contracts, which covered higher budget shows, as well as short-commit tour agreements, which covered shows with lower weekly sales guarantees.

During the tour negotiations, actors and stage managers expressed concerns about increasing per diem allowances to cover the rising cost of food and accommodation en route, higher wages and better coverage for actors and stage managers on tour, when a member is ill, injured or otherwise unable to continue can.

“Creating a new, unified tour agreement has been a long-term goal, and it’s been a huge undertaking,” said Kate Shindle, president of Actors’ Equity Association. “Thousands of collective hours – from the negotiating team, from Equity staff, from committees, from our members who mobilized historically – have gone into building this foundation on which we can now build. We’ve made some big gains: more competitive salaries, producer-paid housing options across the tour landscape, significant increases in per diems, and some new coverage models so the show can go on without actors and stage managers having to work when we’re sick or injured. The new contract includes advances in equality, diversity and inclusion, paid sick leave for everyone in the Equity business, and safeguards for those in need of reproductive and gender-affirming care. Touring is hard and living on the road full time brings unique challenges. We will continue to focus on improving the quality of life of the actors and stage managers who are committed to bringing world-class theater to communities across the country. I am grateful for the sustained, passionate and creative work of everyone who contributed to these negotiations.”

“The Broadway League is pleased that we have reached an agreement with Actors’ Equity Association on all of our touring productions that will allow our members to continue to provide the Broadway experience in theaters across the country,” said Charlotte St. Martin, president of The Broadway Competition. “This new agreement provides much-needed flexibility and cost savings in key areas for our tour producers, while addressing core union concerns.”

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