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Actor Iyad Nassar will be the voice actor for Basem in Assassin’s Creed Mirage Arabic version


A few hours ago, the PlayStation Showcase 2023 event ended, in which we witnessed the review of many new and expected titles, including a company game Ubisoft The highly anticipated Assassin’s Creed Mirage.

Assassin’s Creed Mirage got its first official review of gameplay during the PlayStation Digital Conference, and its official release date, which will be officially on October 12, has been set.

On the other hand, the able actor, Iyad Nassar, will be the voice actor for the character “Bassem” in the Assassin’s Creed Mirage game, and this is the news that was shared with us by the Arab game account on the social networking platform Twitter.

It is noteworthy that Iyad Nassar is a Jordanian actor of Palestinian origin. He worked as a compulsory teacher in Jordan before turning to art later, where he worked as an assistant director in many Jordanian series, then practiced theatrical directing there, and then turned to acting, and we expect him to be a voice actor who can master His role to the fullest through the sound. While the voice actor for the character will be in English, the actor of Lebanese descent, Lee Majdoub.

Important note: We strongly suggest playing in Arabic with actor Iyad Nassar and avoiding the English version or playing with it for many reasons, the most important of which you will learn on your own.

New Assassin’s Creed Mirage leaks

  • The game map is the same size as the Paris map in Unity or London in Syndicate.
  • The game takes 15 hours to complete.
  • Improvements to the parkour system.
  • The game is mainly based on the stealth system.
  • Four-level reputation system.
  • No going back to modern times.
  • The connection of some of the events of the story with the character “Azio”.

Assassin Creed Mirage will focus so much on stealth, that Bassem is very weak and has to rely on tactics and tools to win encounters. Also, there will be a “four-level” reputation system that makes the world more difficult as the player becomes more famous, and the more Bassem becomes, the more he accomplishes the missions and the more famous among his enemies and also among the residents of the region.

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