ACNH January Update Predictions – Pave & Festivale Event In Animal Crossing New Horizons 2021

It’s December and Animal Crossing New Horizons is entering the holiday season, which means new events, updates and new ACNH items are coming soon! Nintendo has already confirmed that New Horizons will be getting a free update towards the end of January, alongside a slate of other new announcements. We can expect Festivale, Pave and other changes. Here are our predictions for Animal Crossing New Horizons January update!

ACNH January Update Dates

We don’t have an exact date for the new update, we can assume it will be around the last two weeks of the month.

Animal Crossing New Horizons January Update Predictions

Animal Crossing New Horizons has been consistently updated with new content and limited-time events, including recent seasonal items snowflakes, snowballs, and weather event winter aurora borealis & northern lights. These haven’t all been winners, there should still be more surprises (new items, updates & events) in store for fans. So the January update is the next major confirmed update for ACNH, here in the ACNH January update predictions, we’ll be speculating and predicting what can we expect to see. We’ll cover Pave and Festival, as well as any other changes and updates. 

New Year’s Day

In January 2021, our first event is New Year’s Day, which is the second part of the New Year celebration. In the previous game version, players online on New Year’s Day passed the game Inner mail can receive gifts from mother – 10,000 ACNH Bells or houseplants. Players who have not launched the game on New Year’s Day will not receive the email. And Isabel will stay in the square until 12 o’clock to send a gift from the past year to each player who talks to her – a furniture item based on the Chinese zodiac animal.


We have the main character of the festival event returning, he’s going to return to fill in the gaps that are missing from previous games. So Pave will be making his triumph for return, he’s kind of a fan favorite character just because of how exciting he is. He’s louder than life, he’s got a really great personality, he’s just a really cool character. Pave is one of the great staples of the series, he was introducing city folk, so he’s actually not been here for that long but he certainly made an impression upon players in the two games that he has been in. So we know that he’s returning and that means the festival event is going to return.

Festival Event

This event is going to be incredibly similar to New Leaf, it’s going to be very different at all. If you didn’t know in New Leaf you basically would go around and collect feathers with your net and give them to him to get prizes, it’ll work exactly the same here. The game has kind of shown at least since the Halloween event that these events are very similar to their New Leaf counterparts, it seems like Toy Day is going to be the same, Harvest Festival which is called Turkey Day now was pretty much the exact same as New Leaf. There are some differences because New Horizons is a different game but we can expect something very similar. 

We will see some mini new additions within this update, we will see new reactions added, there’s still so much space for more reactions. Maybe they’ll even add one specifically for heart the festival event, they will definitely add some sort of dancy emotes, maybe we’ll finally get the shrunk funk shuffle because apparently it’s in the code of the game, so maybe they’ll add that for the festival event in terms of actual features that they’ll add. 

More & Brewster Is Back 

Some people think that we’re going to see many new features in this update, we’re going to see any significant quality of life. We are going to see Brewster (who gave you the hot chocolate on valentine’s day) and Gyroids or anything like that will come in this January update. This update is just one of those updates designed to bring back the event that we are missing currently