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Accusations exchanged between the army and the Rapid Support Forces.. Evacuations continue in Sudan


Chad evacuated within forty-eight hours 351 of its citizens caught up in the fighting in Sudan, after a third plane arrived in N’Djamena with 130 passengers on board, an AFP correspondent reported on Friday night, Saturday..

A civilian plane carrying these Chadians landed Friday at 23:53 (22:53 GMT) on the runway of N’Djamena International Airport, coming from the city of Port Sudan..

“We receive 130 returnees, including 15 children and 34 elderly,” Ibrahim Adam Mohamed, a spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, told AFP.“.

When they got off the plane, the women, children and the elderly were accompanied by the teams of the United Nations Migration Agency, which counted their number, according to an AFP journalist. Among them was Musa Ahmed, who was leaning on his stick, explaining that he was in Sudan to treat a leg injury.

“We suffered in Khartoum. At the beginning of the conflict I had to take refuge in the Chadian embassy,” he said, before evacuating him by bus to Port Sudan, about 1,000 km east on the Red Sea..

Two evacuation flights arrived in N’Djamena on Thursday evening from Port Sudan, and 221 Chadians were on board the two planes..

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