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According to WoW developers, Blizzard is deep in “crisis mode” because too many good people are leaving – WhatsNew2Day


No sunshine for Blizzard: Apparently more and more talents are leaving the studio.

I’m loud now because I lost *another* person this weekwrites Blizzard employee Adam Glaxigrav on Twitter. The game producer is working on World of Warcraft – but the ranks of talented developers seem to be thinning. According to his statements, it even goes as far as that Crisis maps to be created:

Blizzard is losing amazing talent because someone in a position of power doesn’t listen to the game directors who make their products.

I just want to make video games. I want to make amazing bestsellers that are critically acclaimed. I want to make *better* Dragonflights. I want to have *better* experiences. But I can’t if we get rid of everyone who made it.

Last thought: some talent undermines the point. We create crisis maps of what we can and cannot deliver. That’s the capacity loss we’re facing.

Lawsuit against Activision Blizzard
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The comments are full of people who understand Glaxigrav’s frustration, including jake:

I don’t know the details, but the frustration points are…high.

Thandie Davis knows the industry as a game designer and confirms the frustration behind Glaxigrav’s statements:

This is very, very real. This business is amazing. Amazingly awesome and amazingly frustrating.

According to Glaxigrav, a key reason developers are looking for new positions is office duty: I know people who have moved further afield so it’s more affordable – commuting once a week isn’t a big deal. But three times mandatory in the office is a lot for commuting to central California.

Can you understand the frustration or do you think the voluntary home office days are a thing of the past? Write it to us in the comments!

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