About appearing in a MailOnline video

About appearing in a MailOnline video

We are looking for MailOnline users to appear in a short film for business purposes (not to be broadcast).

To enable us to select people for the film, we ask you to send us a short video explaining why you are visiting MailOnline. We select a maximum of 20 finalists from all received videos; these finalists are interviewed professionally and the images are included in a film about MailOnline.

If you manage to advance to the last cut, you will receive $ 300 in cash.

Hurry up – we need to receive your video by Friday, October 19.

Tips for your video
Your video can be very simple and recorded from a mobile device, webcam or video camera. You must then save your video to a computer so that you can upload it here and submit it to us.
It only needs to be a short video. As a guide anywhere from 30 seconds to 1 minute – don’t worry if it’s longer. Save your video file with your first and last name, for example John_Smith.

Add the following to your video:

  • your name
  • Your age
  • Where you live – only the city and the state
  • Your job / career
  • How often you visit MailOnline
  • Why you visit MailOnline
  • The things you like the most about MailOnline
  • Where and when you visit MailOnline

Fill out the form below once you have finished your video.

To add your video:

  • Save your video to your desktop
  • Enter your name and email address
  • Click the browse button below and select your video from your files
  • Then click on ‘Submit video’ and your video will be sent to us.

You can also email your video directly to lucy.scott@mailonline.co.uk