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ABC WTFAQ presenter Kirsten Drysdale’s bizarre name for newborn son gets approved by NSW Births Deaths and Marriages


ABC WTFAQ presenter Kirsten Drysdale’s bizarre name for her newborn son is approved by NSW Births Deaths and Marriages

  • The presenter thought her baby’s name would be rejected
  • Meth rules in Drysdale were official a few weeks later
  • Intended to be a light-hearted, curious attempt at getting answers

An ABC presenter who submitted a shocking name for her newborn baby solely for research purposes has recalled her horror to discover the name was not only officially approved but also recorded on her birth certificate.

TV host and comedy writer Kirsten Drysdale was curious about what types of first names can and cannot legally be used when preparing for the recent birth of her third child.

Currently anchoring ABC’s WTFAQ – which attempts to answer viewers’ burning questions – she was unable to get clear answers from the authorities and decided to put the registry of births, deaths and deaths to the test. NSW weddings.

THE the registry says on its website that it will not register names deemed offensive, not in the public interest or likely to be confused with an official title or rank.

A preview of this week’s episode shows Drysdale coming up with the inappropriate name “Meth Rules” and filling out the online form while cradling his newborn.

ABC journalist Kirsten Drysdale was horrified to learn she had been given the green light to name her third child ‘Methamphetamine Rules Drysdale’

“It was pretty simple and probably that name won’t get through, so now we’re waiting,” Drysdale explains to the camera.

The decision backfired five weeks later when the official birth certificate arrived in the mail with “Meth Rules” listed as her son’s first name.

” This happened ! Meth rules in Drysdale are official! Here’s his birth certificate,” a shocked Drysdale told fellow presenter Chas Licciardello.

“My husband is not happy! »

Licciardello was equally stunned that the name was approved.

“Oh my God, I can’t believe it. OK, so it’s definitely not what we expected,” he says.

Drysdale’s husband Chris was less than impressed.

“You’re ad******d,” he can be heard in the background telling Licciardello.

Drysdale questioned the registry for an explanation and was told that registry staff reviewed all information, including names.

When she told them what had happened, the Register admitted that the name she had proposed for her son had “unfortunately… slipped through the cracks.”

Licciardello joked that Drysdale’s little boy looks more like a “ketamine” as the presenters consider their next step.

“You’re changing his fucking name!” » Drysdale’s angry husband responded.

She said, “Yeah, we probably should.” »

Kirsten Drysdale's husband wasn't happy his newborn's name was recorded

Kirsten Drysdale’s husband wasn’t happy his newborn’s name was recorded

Kirsten Drysdale has since registered her son's real

Kirsten Drysdale has since registered her son’s real “normal name” with NSW Births, Deaths and Marriages. Pictured is the original birth certificate

Daily Mail Australia has contacted NSW Births, Deaths and Marriages for comment.

Drysdale hopes her son’s real “normal” name will be approved soon.

“We thought: What is the most outrageous name we can think of that will definitely not be accepted? ” she said news.com.au.

“It was really just a lighthearted, curious attempt to get an answer to that question.”

The name of his son remains secret for the moment.

“It’s a beautiful name and I can tell you it has nothing to do with Class A drugs,” Drysdale said.

“We think it will be a very unique 21st birthday gift to tell him this story.”

Viewers were just as stunned to learn what happened

“It’s crazy that you can name your baby Meth in New South Wales, but here in Vic I wouldn’t be allowed to name my child after Honor Blackman, Prince Rogers Nelson or Barron Hilton,” he said. commented a man.

Another added: “This is seriously hilarious. »

A third wrote: “This is hardly surprising if you know how departmental processes work. »

WTFAQ airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. on ABC TV and ABC iview.

WTFAQ anchor Kirsten Drysdale decided to research this hot-button issue while preparing for the recent arrival of her baby.

WTFAQ anchor Kirsten Drysdale decided to research this hot-button issue while preparing for the recent arrival of her baby.

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