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ABC Q+ host Stan Grant spills it on his bosses in a very blunt speech


Fed up with ABC host Stan Grant losing it to his bosses in a very blunt speech: ‘There’s no excuse for what you saw on the air last night’

  • Q&A host Stan Grant emailed ABC
  • He criticized coverage of the New South Wales elections
  • He said the lack of diversity on the committees was an “insult”.

Indigenous television journalist Stan Grant sent a letter to the ABC criticizing national radio for its lack of diversity in its coverage of the New South Wales elections.

The Q&A host sent the angry letter to management on Sunday slamming his employer for using a “complete white board” during its coverage of the state election.

David Spears and Sarah Ferguson led the committee on Saturday night with appearances by NSW Treasurer Matt Kean and Labor Party owner Penny Sharp.

Grant, a Wirajuri man born in 1963, questioned the extent of his acceptance and accused the broadcaster of using non-white journalists as “cambers”.

Grant said he was “tired” of the broadcaster claiming he was on a “journey” into diversity, and claimed that “the dial has barely moved” in 40 years.

He said he had not seen any significant change in diversity or equity since joining the radio 40 years ago and was “tired” of its empty promises to lead change.

Q&A host Stan Grant (above) sent a scathing email to ABC bosses to slam ‘the whole white board’ for its election coverage in NSW

“In the year 2023, how is it at all acceptable that election night coverage has a complete whiteboard?” Grant wrote in a letter he saw. creeky.

This is not a criticism of my well-qualified colleagues, but it is a criticism of ABC which for decades has nurtured and promoted white employees to the exclusion of others.

There is no excuse for what you saw live last night. no one.

“I’ve worked in organizations around the world and what we did last night can’t be tolerated anywhere.”

Malaysian-born ABC journalist Jeremy Fernandez was one of the journalists Grant claimed had been reduced to a “small” role, despite appearing in promotional materials for the coverage.

During the show, Fernandez was tasked with explaining the “big plate” on ABC which showed the way the prominent seats are expected to go down.

“The fact that any journalists of color in our coverage were ‘off-Broadway’ in supporting roles, reporting from the suburbs, only adds insult,” he said.

As an Aboriginal man and First Nations journalist for the company, Grant said he felt he had a responsibility to improve ABC.

“I’m not doing it for myself,” he told Kreiki, “I’ve had my career but I don’t want to wait another decade for things to change.”

Sarah Ferguson (left) and David Spears (right) led Saturday's panel, which Grant claimed offered nothing but

Sarah Ferguson (left) and David Spears (right) led a panel on Saturday, which Grant claimed offered nothing but “cameos” from journalists of color

ABC news director Justin Stephens told Daily Mail Australia the company appreciates Grant’s input and “welcomes constructive discussion”.

ABC is not yet where we want to be, Stan says. I agree we have a way to go.”

We respect Stan greatly. For decades, he has been one of the country’s foremost First Nations journalists, yet he has borne the brunt of fighting for the advancement of his First Nations and his culturally diverse colleagues.

This responsibility lies with all of us at ABC and not just him. As Stan said, the editorial coverage of Saturday’s NSW election was solid and well presented.

It also showcased the amazing next generation talent we bring to you from the NSW newsroom. “

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