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Aaron Rodgers sets the pace at NFL trade for Jets – WhatsNew2Day


Aaron Rodgers is desperate to join the New York Jets this offseason. The NFL quarterback of the Green Bay Packers appears to be dominant in the negotiations as usual and sets the pace even here.

The Jets and the Packers aren’t moving an inch in their talks right now. No wonder: According to “ESPN” reporter Mike Greenberg, Rodgers even advised the Green gang to play for time.

“I heard Aaron was signaling to the Jets that there was no reason for them to rush. That he wasn’t coming until May anyway so they wouldn’t miss a thing now,” Greenberg said Tuesday on The Pat McAfee Show “.

Rodgers had recently made it a habit in Green Bay to skip the voluntary units in the pre-season. In the Big Apple he probably wants to stick to this approach.

So his new team doesn’t have to panic before the upcoming NFL draft if the deal with the Packers hasn’t been finalized by the end of April. “They should last as long as it takes and that they don’t end up having to trade the #13 draft, which I think is what it comes down to,” Greenberg reported.

In the NFL Draft, the Jets can strengthen their offensive line

Greenberg also thinks the New York-based franchise should use their first-round pick for an offensive tackle rather than a quarterback. “I would [das] want if I were Rodgers,” the journalist explained.

The Packers shouldn’t care about the Jets’ draft plans. The team would have liked to have done the trade with Rodgers before the big event so that they could finally have certainty about the coming season.

Should the deal ultimately fall through, Rodgers would return to Wisconsin on his lucrative contract, although his successor, Jordan Love, is already salivating.

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