Aaron Rodgers is willing to make ‘adjustments’ to his current $150m Green Bay Packers contract

Aaron Rodgers is willing to make ‘adjustments’ to his current $150m Green Bay Packers contract IF he plays next season as he admits he still needs to work out what he wants to do

Aaron Rodgers has admitted if he does play next season his contract won’t be viable for most teams around the league including the Green Bay Packers.

Green Bay’s star quarterback is set to make a guaranteed $59.465million if he plays in 2023 due to the $150m three-year contract extension he agreed to last March. The deal has a salary-cap charge of $31,623,570 for 2023.

‘There’s a lot of teams, because of COVID, that are strapped, and you’re seeing with a lot of different contracts, they’re pushing more money out in deals,’ Rodgers said on the Pat McAfee Show.


Aaron Rodgers has said he is willing to make ‘adjustments’ to his current Green Bay contract

‘They’re creating void years to allow for an easier cap hit, so there would have to be some adjustments, for sure.’

‘I don’t think there would be a scenario where I’d come back and that would be the number [$60m]. Definitely things would have to shift.’

Along with deciding if he wants to play in the NFL next year Rodgers must also decide if he wants to play for the Packers next season.

‘All the other ideas about [a] trade and whatnot, that’s all conjecture until I decide what I want to do moving forward for myself,’ he added.

Rodgers Currently Has A 'Real Possibility' Of Being Traded This Offseason If He Plays Again

 Rodgers currently has a ‘real possibility’ of being traded this offseason if he plays again

‘I hope there’s some gratitude on both sides if that happens. But, again, that doesn’t open the door for any conjecture, honestly, on my side. And I’m not saying that to be cryptic. I’ve got to figure out what I want to do, and then we’ll see where all the parties at and what kind of transpires after that.’ 

It was noted by ESPN’s NFL Insider Adam Schefter that Rodgers has a ‘real possibility’ of being traded away from the Packers this offseason.

Rodgers’ contract however, currently makes it a realistically tall and expensive task to trade him elsewhere without first restructuring the deal.

Aside from the noted cap charge of over $30m for the upcoming NFL season there are options to extend Rodgers’ deal for 2025 and 2026 that carry cap charges of $59.302m and $53.452m respectively if he remains in Green Bay.

Rodgers Walks Off The Field With Teammate And Friend Randall Cobb For Possibly The Last Time

Rodgers walks off the field with teammate and friend Randall Cobb for possibly the last time

If a team were to trade for Rodgers before the contract or the options in his deal are reworked the team trading for him would take on cap charges of $32.5m in 2024, $51.10m in 2025, and $45.53m in 2026.

The Packers have reportedly set a minimum asking price of two first round picks in order to trade Rodgers, and it seems teams may be willing to meet this fee if the financial side of the deal becomes more attractive.

Two teams that have already been linked with Rodgers are the New York Jets who NBC Sports reported would ‘happily pay that freight,’ while the Indianapolis Colts have are also said to be interested, according to ESPN.

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