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Aaron Boone suspended shortly before Yankees host Padres after FOURTH ejection of 2023


Aaron Boone suspended shortly before Yankees welcome Padres after his FOURTH ejection this season and admits he gained a reputation after continuous outbursts

  • Aaron Boone has already been sent off four times during the 2023 season
  • The Yankees manager was hit with a one-game suspension on Friday
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Yankees manager Aaron Boone was handed a one-game suspension following his latest ejection and admitted his arguments may have created an image in the minds of the umpires.

“Well, I think I’ve earned that reputation,” he said Friday before Major League Baseball suspended him for one game and fined him.

Michael Hill, MLB’s senior vice president for field operations, made the announcement. MLB said the discipline was “for his recent conduct toward major league umpires, including actions following his ejection from Thursday night’s game against the Baltimore Orioles.”

Boone was forced to sit out Friday night’s series opener against San Diego.

He was kicked out of the major league for the fourth time this season, the most among major league managers, when he got angry at Edwin Moscoso’s strike zone in a 3- 1.

Aaron Boone was suspended by MLB on Friday, just before the Yankees hosted the Padres

Boone has already been ejected four times in the league in the 2023 campaign

Boone has already been ejected four times in the league in the 2023 campaign

Boone raised four fingers while arguing midway through round threereporting that Boone thought the plate umpire missed four pitches.

Boone was also angry. Moscoco walked away during the argument and first base umpire Chris Guccione, the team manager, stood between the two when Boone tried to re-engage Moscoso. Boone may have gotten spat on a referee while arguing.

‘Do I think this leads to a quick hook? Not necessarily,” Boone said. “Maybe I’m delusional and I’ve done more than I think. I don’t think that’s the case. But no, I don’t think I’m being targeted by the referees coming in, like if they didn’t tolerate certain things. I think I’m treated fairly.’

Still, he admitted that the frequent arguments may have had an impact.

“I think there’s probably occasional bias,” Boone said. ‘We are human beings. I’m sure some people don’t like to hear about me.

Boone was ejected against Cleveland on April 12, against Toronto on May 15 and against Cincinnati on Sunday.

His 30 ejections are sixth among current managers, although his 720 games entering Friday were well below those with more ejections: Bruce Bochy (78 in 4,081 games), Bob Melvin (55 in 2,830), Terry Francona (47 in 3,509), Bud Black (35 in 2,283) and Buck Showalter (34 in 3,282).

Boone is averaging one ejection every 25 games, a much faster rate than Bochy and Melvin (52), Black (65), Francona (75) and Showalter (97).

Cincinnati’s David Bell had 23 ejections in 596 games, an average of one per 26 games.

“I don’t like that it’s happened a lot of times this week, and I wish I didn’t get ejected and hopefully I can start a long streak of not being ejected,” Boone said. “I’m not necessarily afraid to do it, but no, I don’t intend to be ejected and I don’t want to.” And I hope I won’t for a while.

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