A24 produces limited edition books for Ex Machina, The Witch and Moonlight

A24 gained recognition and fame in the film industry for producing powerful, award-winning films such as Moonlight, Eighth grade, and Midsommar, and now the studio gives the book treatment to a few of those films.


Ex Machina, The Witch, and Moonlight receive limited edition books containing a total of around 225 pages, according to tweets from the company's official account. MoonlightThe book contains a forward by singer Frank Ocean and an essay by Hilton Als (author of White girls) and transcripts of Academy Award Acceptance speeches.

Fans of The witch gets access to a conversation between director Robert Eggers and historian David D. Hall, the production sketches by Eggers and a piece of short fiction by Carmen Maria Machado.

And last but not least, Ex Machina & # 39;s book contains essays by professors Jack Halberstam (an expert in gender studies) and Murray Shanahan (an expert in cognitive robotics). The book will also contain concept art for the film Alex Garland.

The books look ridiculously beautiful, and something that A24 diehards will be very interested in. (Disclaimer: I am a diehard A24 fan and I am very interested, so I feel comfortable making that claim.) They are a bit larger than a standard novel, incoming at 8 x 11 inches, but not exactly coffee table books. It is unclear whether A24 will do this for every film, but I certainly hope so. Where is my Lady Bird book, A24?

This is not the first time that A24, just a seven-year-old production studio that nevertheless has 25 Academy Awards nominations, has produced some cool physical companions for its films. In addition to standard merchandise, including mugs, sweaters and enamel pins, A24 has also produced a number of films, including Bo Burnham & # 39; s highly acclaimed Eighth grade and Jonah Hill & # 39; s skateboarding coming-of-age movie mid90s. A24 even created a classic key toy for mid90s, which of course is sold out.

The books are for sale on September 30 for $ 60. They can be purchased in the A24 online store.