A year later and still no question of Apple AirPower – what is going on?

<pre><pre>A year later and still no question of Apple AirPower - what is going on?

Wireless charging on phones was certainly not a new innovation when Apple announced last September for the iPhone 8. But that's an Apple thing to do – show a new innovative element and let it feel new again. Let it feel, well, very Apple.

One of the ways in which this happened was with the announcement of AirPower, the versatile wireless charging pad with space for an iPhone, an Apple Watch and an Apple Airpod wireless charging station – something that has never seen the light of day.

It was the charging field to govern them all, except that it was never released. For external manufacturers, such as Belkin, who have something similar in their desired location in the Apple Store, this will be a relief. But for all others who like their technology to come directly from Apple, it was a frustrating experience.

The AirPower itself is quite innovative and this could be the reason for the delay. Unlike most Qi chargers, it does not charge one device but three: three things that require a different amount of power to recharge their batteries.

It is also said that the mat has an iPhone-like processor that works on a simplified version of iOS, so that it integrates better with the different devices that it charges.

This integration comes in the form of easy-to-read updates on the battery life of your devices.

Underpowered release schedule

There have been glimpses of a release, but these all stem from rumors and guesses, rather than an official response from Apple.

The first came a long time ago in February, where Mac Otakara revealed that & # 39; reliable sources & # 39; told them that it would start selling in March. It did not work.

When in June it was rumored that it was again postponed (although it can not really be postponed twice, only … more postponed) and it would be released in September. So far it is not and if so, Tim Cook would certainly have mentioned it in his extended keynote.

Those who are looking for an answer during the last Apple event, where the Apple Watch 4, iPhone XS, iPhones XS Max and iPhone XR have been launched, will also be disappointed. No one of the two-hour conference called AirPower.

But there could have been a perfect time. That moment at the beginning of the keynote, where Tim Cook's strange tweet about something quickly got to him, was perfectly logical. The bit where a courier rushed a product to him with the utmost urgency, making it look like the thing in the box was really needed for the keynote. It turned out, with a bit of applause and cheers, that it was just a Keynote clicker.

If it was the AirPower in the box, that cheers would have been real.