A Twitter outage shut down the Midwest this morning

For slackers west of the Appalachians, there was bad news: Twitter went offline. A power outage caused many people outside the US East Coast to start at about 8:30 a.m. ET, with reports as far north as Toronto and as far south as Arkansas.

DownDetector Twitter outage reports.
Image: DownDetector.com

Twitter hasn’t updated its status page to note a particular issue, but Downward Detector and other social media platforms host the suddenly silenced voices of your favorite Midwestern cities. Since I live in Michigan, I have one, which didn’t make it any easier to find out. There don’t seem to be any broader CDN issues or issues with a cloud service like AWS, but remember, the answer is always it’s DNS.

For anyone outside that area, if you have something to say about someone who lives in Chicago, you may have missed your chance – it looks like service is being reinstated.