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A Trip Across Berlin

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Berlin is one of the world’s most international cities and the preferred destination of those who want to find what urban life in Germany is all about. Being the capital city of the nation, its prowess in economic and technological terms is second to none. The city has a wide expanse of roadways that are very easily negotiated because of regular upkeep and maintenance. 

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A Modern City

It is a real joy to drive across Berlin by day or by night since the road etiquette practiced by regular citizens is quite exemplary.  

Germany is the inventor of the Autobahn, which forms the basis of all long term driving across the nation. By and large, you would find that the city of Berlin is highly planned. In fact it is a symbol of Germany efficiency at its best. There are even solar powered roads across the country that replenish the power of electric cars as they travel across these roads. 

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Exploring the city of Berlin

Right from the time you enter this city, you would be amazed at the variety of things that the city has to offer. 

Brandenburg Gate

The Brandenburg Gate is one of the most recognizable architectural monuments of the city. It is a memorial to the thousands of Jews that were massacred by the Nazi regime during the Second World War. 

The next thing you should see is the Reichstag, or the offices of the German Parliament. It is where most of the country’s policy decisions are made. This magnificent structure is another architectural marvel, and dates back to 1864. There is also a guided tour of the building, given by some well experienced tourist guides who know a fair number of languages.

Hackescher Market

If you want to take in what real life in Berlin is all about, by all means take the tour of Hackescher Markt (market), which lies in the center of the city. This area you will find is very exuberant with its lively and enjoyable activities that have been appreciated by a lot of international tourists. 

This area is supplemented by eateries and restaurants that cannot fail to catch your attention. You would be amazed to know that selections from international cuisine like fish and chips to pasta and currywurst are available here. 

You would find many tourists taking in the serene atmosphere while enjoying wine, beer and other refreshments to wash down the meals. There is even live music on hand to enhance the whole experience.

Museum City

Tucked away in another part of Berlin is what is called Museum City. In fact, Germany is known for its interest in artifacts and history. This part of the city is also considered a UNESCO heritage site. It is located near the Sprasse River, which is an important waterway in Berlin and forms part of its cultural history.

If you are a wee bit religious or just want to marvel at the architecture, you would do well to visit the Protestant Cathedral that is part of Museum City. Similarly located on the banks of the Spree River, this church has been serving as a parish house ever since 1405. This makes it rank among the oldest structures in the city- if not in Europe. It was revived at the dawn of the last century in 1909, but in the interim fell into disuse. However since 1993, it has been revamped and continues to serve its parishioners even today. 

If you are tired of driving at any stage and want to explore Berlin by water, there are organized trips by river or other waterway that let you do this. You can park your car in a designated area, buy a ticket and you are on your way. 

Berlin’s Television Tower

You can end your trip with a visit to the Television Tower (pronounced in German as Fersehterm). This imposing structure is the tallest building in Berlin. There are spectacular views of the city that would be the envy of your Instagram posts. Just leave your car with a parking attendant and take the quick tour option that lets you travel all the way to the top.  You can spend an exciting afternoon here. There is no better way to enjoy this excursion than by choosing to lunch at the revolving restaurant at this venue.

And there you have it. Now you have a number of places to visit in Berlin. Take lots of pictures and videos and be the envy of your friends.

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