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A train in Austria broadcasts a speech by Hitler over loudspeakers


Passengers on an intercity train in Austria were stunned. When they hear a speech by Adolf Hitler and the Nazi victory salute reverberating through the train’s loudspeaker system.

Austrian Railways (OBB) has filed a complaint against two people after an audio broadcast Sunday on a train of Nazi salutes and speeches by late German dictator Adolf Hitler (1933-1945).
On the line between the city of St. Polten (east) and the capital, Vienna, travelers were stunned when Adolf Hitler’s speech echoed through the train’s loudspeakers, and the well-known Nazi phrase “Sieg Hill” or “Long live victory” was clearly uttered several times.

One of the workers there said that the train staff were unable to stop the recording, nor to play their usual advertisements. He added that many similar incidents had occurred in recent days.

“The speakers have been tampered with,” company spokesman Bernard Rieder told AFP on Monday after the incident sparked outrage. According to the company, the two suspects were able to access the train’s voice announcement system using a key, and no information attack was recorded.

After analyzing the surveillance cameras, the police were able to identify them, noting that they are not employees of the company, and an investigation was opened into the incident.

It is worth noting that Austria was annexed to the German Third Reich in 1938, and the laws are the most stringent in the world against Holocaust denial and the activities of neo-Nazis.

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