A top Twitch streamer has been live for almost two weeks in a row


On Friday, the Twitch streamer Ludwig slept in. He got up around 11 a.m.PT and was in bed chatting with the more than 30,000 viewers of his stream. He’s been spending a lot of time in that place lately – in fact, he’s been airing dozens of hours of himself, curled up in a bright red racecar bed since his stream first started.

From this morning, Sunday March 28, the stream of Ludwig is now live almost two weeks in a row. His stream began around 2:00 p.m. PT on Sunday, March 14, according to The New York TimesThe plan was to stream 20 seconds for every new subscription purchased on his channel (subscriptions are $ 5 per month).

It’s kind of like a telethon – it won’t stop as long as the money keeps coming in. “We’re making this like a damn automaton,” Ludwig said a few hours after the first day of his stream.

The stream has become an event for Twitch viewers. Ludwig was already a star on Twitch when the stream started (the unofficial site TwitchTracker ranks him as the 11th most popular English language channel), and as the days went by, he’s the most subscribed to streamer on the site. Twitch prominently promoted the stream on the front page and even wished the streamer good night.

As he neared the two-week milestone on Saturday, Ludwig had to get away from the power for a day and invited friends to take over. To make sure the marathon flow didn’t stop while he was away, he ran a subscription promotion to keep the timer running.

“Subathons” have been happening on Twitch for years, and some have even been extended for days in the past. The streamer LosPollosTV came out in April went more than six days, setting what was then considered a live streaming record. (Other streams have gone longer since then, but without running subathons all the time.)

Since his stream showed no sign of stopping, Ludwig added some restrictions. Subscriptions now only add 10 seconds to the clock. Viewers can purchase 100 gift subscriptions each. He’s also set a limit of 31 days before opting out no matter what.

It is not clear whether he will reach that point. Subscriptions are decreasing in the course of this week. There were 37 hours left on the clock from Wednesday morning 8AM ET, but only 10PM from Friday morning 8AM ET. As of this release, the timer has been hovering just above and then periodically below 12 o’clock for a while – with subs still coming in to keep the clock relatively static through Saturday night and until Sunday morning – and is now at around 11.5 am.