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A terrifying and resounding message to the most famous seismologist in Turkey…about Istanbul


In a resounding message of warning, the famous seismologist Naci Gürur reiterated the alarm about the situation of Istanbul, Turkey’s second largest city, which has a population of about 16 million people.

In a lengthy tweet on his Twitter account, yesterday evening, the famous academic confirmed that his words are directed at politicians, so that they may read!

The expert, who explained in a previous interview with Al-Arabiya.net that a devastating earthquake will hit Istanbul, stressed that the city must prepare for this terrible event.

He also pointed out the need to remove most of the industrial establishments and industrial zones from the Marmara region.

population transfer

He also called for stopping investments that attract residents to Istanbul, accelerating the migration process, and moving residents from the city to Anatolia, with the encouragement of state institutions.

In addition, he stressed the importance of not granting more building permits, pointing out that the infrastructure and foundations of buildings in Istanbul must be repaired quickly and made earthquake-resistant.

He also stressed the importance of inspecting and examining buildings in Istanbul very quickly by the state, regardless of the citizens’ request. He called for buildings that are not resistant to earthquakes to be modified by the state or demolished and rebuilt.

devastating earthquake

The well-known Turkish expert had previously confirmed to Al-Arabiya.net that “Istanbul will be exposed to the threat of devastating earthquakes due to the presence of a major northern branch of the North Anatolian Rift,” adding that “the best solutions to reduce the risks of this disaster and the ability to confront it lies in turning it into an earthquake-resistant city.” “.

However, the man, who is followed by about two million people on Twitter, made it clear at the time that the place and time of the earthquake that would hit the city could not be determined.

10 degrees

But Gurur bases his predictions about a massive earthquake in Istanbul on the existence of a “gap” that will occur in what is called the “great and devastating Marmara earthquake”, whose intensity in some areas of the city will reach about 10 degrees on the Richter scale, and it will be two consecutive earthquakes, but they can be considered as 4 earthquakes. at the same time because of his strength.

According to the expert’s expectations, the Asian part of Istanbul will be less affected by the earthquake than the European part of the city as a result of the expected earthquake, whose intensity will decrease to 9 degrees in the parts of Istanbul parallel to the coast and towards the northern regions.

It is noteworthy that the catastrophic earthquake that struck southern Turkey, on the sixth of February, claiming thousands of lives, sparked a wave of fear among the residents of Istanbul, which prompted some of them to think of emigrating from it, for fear of a repeat of an earthquake similar to the one that occurred in 1999!

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