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A terrace railing at Leichhardt Oval, Sydney, collapsed during a rugby match

Horrible moment as dozens of fans crash into concrete as stadium terrace collapses during rugby match

  • Sydney rugby fans at Leichhardt Oval fell to the ground when a terrace collapsed
  • They watched a match between Saint Joseph and Saint Ignatius on Saturday
  • At about 5pm, the railing of a terrace collapsed, causing fans to smash into the concrete

Dramatic footage shows the moments when a stadium terrace with fans collapsed, sending customers face forward into the concrete below.

At about 5pm on Saturday, fans watching a rugby match in Sydney were sent to the ground when the railing of a stadium terrace at Leichhardt Oval toppled.

A spokesman for Ambulance NSW told Daily Mail Australia that no one was seriously injured in the collapse.

Fans watching a rugby match at Sydney's Leichhardt Oval fell to the ground when a terrace railing toppled (pictured right)

Fans watching a rugby match at Sydney’s Leichhardt Oval fell to the ground when a terrace railing toppled (pictured right)

The terrifying scene set in front of approximately 15,000 fans towards the end of a match between St Joseph’s and St Ignatius Riverview.

St Joseph’s won the match with a score of 35 to 20.

Netizens quickly jumped online to beat the “unsafe” terrain.

“Today it definitely seals that Leichhardt Oval must be immediately convicted and that the Wests Tigers may never play there again,” one person wrote.

“Leichhardt Oval is a security risk,” said another.

An upgrade to the Leichhardt oval still won’t solve muddy hills, portaless and minimal food and drink options without major changes that would be most upset. I have fond memories of the ground but it has had its day for big events,” wrote another.

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