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A teacher at a Koranic school in Senegal was arrested on charges of raping 27 girls


The Quran teacher, whose age the authorities did not reveal, has fled justice since the scandal broke in March, according to the same source. He is accused of “raping 27 of his female students” in a Koranic school in Toba.

The Senegalese police announced that a teacher in a Quranic school in the city of Touba (center), who was being pursued on charges of raping at least 27 of his students, turned himself in on Monday to the authorities after he fled from justice for weeks.

A Toba police official told AFP: “The accused was arrested today, after he surrendered to the police. After interrogation, he was handed over to the gendarmerie in Toba. He has been on the run” for several weeks. Islamic influence in Senegal.

According to a police source, “the rapes took place over a period of time.” The source, on condition of anonymity, said that the gendarmerie forces opened an investigation after receiving a complaint from victims who submitted medical certificates.

The source did not specify the age of the victims, but the local press said that they were “minors”, that is, under 15 years old. According to the local press, the school where the accused was working has been closed since the scandal was revealed.

The matter of this Quranic teacher was revealed when one of his students refused to return to school, because he “has sexual relations with her and with all the other girls,” according to what the local newspaper “Le Jour” wrote.

The arrest of this accused comes days after a ruling was issued against opposition figure Osman Sonko, who two years ago was accused by a 23-year-old beauty salon employee in Dakar of raping her.

On Thursday, a court acquitted Sonko of rape, but sentenced him to two years in prison for pushing the plaintiff into “debauchery.” Following the issuance of this conviction, bloody clashes broke out in Senegal, leaving 16 people dead. Sonko’s supporters and their opponents, supporters of President Macky Sall, accused each other of causing these acts of violence and of causing casualties.

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