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A statue without limitations


Legal advice required: “Last Friday I was arrested for sticking Macquarie’s Appin Massacre order on his statue in Hyde Park,” reports Stephen Langford of Paddington. “The Day Street Police Department has imposed bail restrictions: I cannot come within two miles of Sydney Town Hall. Presumably because the statue of Macquarie is known to stroll through the CBD. How can I challenge this crazy bail restriction that prevents me from attending the weekly “Refugee Lives Matter” demonstration at City Hall? I have to go to the Downing Center for a magistrate. And that is within the exclusion zone with a radius of two kilometers.” Time to shine, Edward Loong.

Drummoyne’s Pauline McGinley sees an advantage for users who put their mobile phones on speakerphone (C8) in public: “At least I can hear both sides of the conversation before I make up my mind and let them know whose side I’m on!”

Like Jack Dikian, David Atherfold of Avalon Beach recalls the age of the brick: “In the early days of cell phones, we had a television with a dial. If you turned it all the way in one direction, it would pick up a phone call. Only those who were pretty well off had cell phones back then, and I thought I might have picked up some insider information on popular stocks to buy or something like that. Unfortunately, the most frequent calls were. ‘Darls, can you get a gallon of milk on your way home?’”

“Before mobile phones, no one ever yelled, ‘I’m on the bus!’” recalls John Burman of Port Macquarie.

In what could be perceived as a bit of a loophole, Watsons Bay’s Robert Nielson has “always considered that the lifetime warranty (C8) of anything relates to the life of that thing. The day it stops functioning is the end of its useful life and with that the lifetime warranty comes to an end.” To which a seasoned George Manojlovic of Mangerton adds, “Judy Jones, your pepper mill will grind to a halt when there’s no more spice in his life.”

“Years ago, my friends and I had a brief but impressive conversation over coffee with Rosemary Stanton (C8),” recalls Harrington’s Joy Cooksey. “This convinced me years later to buy her Foods that harm, foods that heala book full of down-to-earth suggestions and advice on nutrition that I still regularly refer to and quote in ‘over the back fence’ discussions.”


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