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A special Alone in the Dark game review episode tomorrow


THQ is reviving Alone in the Dark after acquiring the rights to the series from Atari SA in 2018, and while we haven’t had any new details regarding the highly anticipated remake almost since its reveal, there will be more details and reviews coming in the hours.

THQ Nordic has announced a special episode titled Alone in the Dark Spotlight to review the survival horror game, on Thursday, May 25, where gameplay, improvements and new additions are expected to be revealed, and the release date may be revealed.

Alone in the Dark will tell a new original story but still reimagine elements of the classic ’90s survival horror game including characters, places and themes from the original title and, as you would expect, fight through terrifying monsters while solving puzzles and exploring Derceto Manor on your own.

The development team Pieces Interactive collaborated with writer Mikael Hedberg to play the role of the main writer of the title, especially since he has previous experience with horror games such as Amnesia: The Dark Descent and SOMA.

Alonge in the Dark will be released for the new generation platforms PS5 and Xbox Series X / S, in addition to the PC version.

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