A Small Business Guide to Email Marketing

Email marketing is an excellent way to link with your clients and create a relationship. The better part is that you get to promote your products and services at a low cost. Although you may require special software to automate and track your emails, it may be cheaper than mainstream marketing.

The good thing about email marketing is that you already have an engaged audience. The emails are sent to those who have made the subscription to your emails. Sending spontaneous emails is annoying, and the recipients may mark them as spam.

Email marketing works to deliver targeted information. It may be in the form of weekly newsletters to a particular clientele. Since your emails are collected organically, you can sort your clientele emails according to their preferences to know the message type.

The messages also drive the client to make a purchase, especially when you’re offering discounts. Thus, you will find email marketing an excellent way to move your sales and realize improved results.

Build Your List

You need to come up with your email list by collecting client emails with permission. It would be best if you didn’t use purchased email lists as most clients would treat the messages as spam. Take your time to collect customer information, which may be through your business website.

Through the website, you can prompt users to sign up using their emails to get more of your products or services. You can also use links to great content that sparks interests. The sign-up form may have only the email field to subscribe to your newsletters.


You should also know the message to include in your email. The email should appeal to your clients and keep the news short. Come up with email templates to send to your clients and ensure you customize the emails to suit every client.

Content Delivery

Your messages should be precise and inform the client what you have to offer. Your call to action should be free and encourage customers to visit your website or your physical store. It would be best if you avoided promotional words that would mark your email as spam.

Personalize your emails and make sure your message captures the reader’s attention. Be creative with your pick up and subject lines as they determine whether the reader will continue reading the email. It would also help if you added pictures, short videos, and gifs to make your content more exciting and attention-grabbing.

Respect Your Email Subscribers

It would be best if you had a schedule to send your emails. The schedule will help you to avoid bombing your customers with emails and promotional messages. They have also trusted you with their information, and you should respect them enough to keep it safe.

If you have weekly offers, it will help if you have newsletters to help your customers know what you have. This way, they can expect your emails and wait on your business offers.

Mobile-friendly Content

The content should be visible on mobile devices, as this shows that you know how to craft your messages. This way, you can reach your audience at any time and location. It also makes it easier for them to reach out to your business through your website or calls.


At first, you may keep up with the client’s communication and reply to various email messages. As your subscribers increase, it may become somewhat difficult to respond to all their emails. Thus, having an autoresponder will help you to send emails early automatically.

This way, you can stay relevant to your clientele and avoid reintroducing yourself every time in the emails. The autoresponder will ensure that your emails are sent according to schedule and keep clients informed about your latest brand news and products.

The email response and action triggered by the emails should help you collect analysis data. You can evaluate the effectiveness of your campaign and check your marketing results. Generate leads to help you improve your marketing accordingly.