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A sit-in in Gaza condemning the “assassination of the symbol of the empty stomach weapon” in Israeli prisons, Khader Adnan


Khader Adnan turned into a symbol for the Palestinians by using what is called the “empty bowel weapon” in Israeli prisons. He went through this experience more than once and succeeded in achieving demands, but this time he died.

The Palestinians gathered in the center of Gaza City, where they organized a sit-in in front of the International Committee of the Red Cross, shortly after entering into a comprehensive strike, which also included the cities of the occupied West Bank, after the death of the Palestinian prisoner and leader of the Islamic Jihad movement, Khader Adnan, 45, who has been on hunger strike since 86 days in protest of his “administrative detention”.

Khader Adnan became the first Palestinian to lose his life due to a hunger strike, according to the Palestinian Prisoners Club. The Arab League considered that Adnan’s death was the result of a policy of deliberate medical negligence pursued by the Israeli occupation authorities.

In front of the family’s house in the town of Arraba, near Jenin, Randa Musa, Khader Adnan’s wife, held a press conference, in which she stressed that a mourning house would not be opened, and said: “We will receive well-wishers because this martyrdom is a wedding, a pride for us, and a crown on our heads… We do not want those who strike rockets and Gaza is hit.” After that… we will not want a drop of blood to be spilled.”

While Khader Adnan’s wife called on the Palestinian factions not to respond by firing rockets so as not to bleed Palestinians due to Israeli shelling and raids, Israeli tanks bombed a site east of Gaza City in response to rockets fired this morning from the Strip.

In Ramallah, Palestinian Prime Minister Muhammad Shtayyeh described Adnan’s death as a “deliberate assassination” committed by Israel, and added that his death was caused by Israel’s refusal to “request his release, medical neglect, and keeping him in his cell despite the seriousness of his health condition.” In turn, the Secretary of the Executive Committee of the Palestine Liberation Organization, Hussein al-Sheikh, held Israel “fully responsible.”

The Palestinian Ministry of Foreign Affairs condemned the “heinous crime”, blaming the Israeli government and its various branches for “full and direct” responsibility. The ministry said in a statement that it would “submit the file of this crime to the International Criminal Court.”

In a will written by Adnan on the second of last April, he recommended to the Palestinian people not to “give in to despair, no matter what the occupiers did and how long they did in their occupation, oppression and oppression. God’s victory is near.” The Israeli human rights organization B’Tselem described Adnan’s hunger strike as “a peaceful protest against his arrest and the injustice of the occupation.”

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