A Seasonal Guide for Taking Care of Your Skin

Most people don’t think about how the environment affects their skin, and your environment changes with every season. This is the reason you need to adjust your skincare regimen seasonally. The following guide should help you care for your skin throughout the year.




Spring is beautiful. The flowers are coming in, and all the dreamy scents are in the air. Gardeners come out to work on their backyard gardens. In short, people start to enjoy the weather, but you have to keep a few things in mind regarding your skin.


With more sun exposure, comes the need to use sunscreen. This is especially important for folks with fair skin. Fair skin can’t handle the sun as much as someone with darker skin.


Now, this doesn’t mean folks with darker tones shouldn’t worry about UV rays. Those rays are still getting into your skin and causing damage. To be safe, you’ll want to wear as much sunscreen as possible.




The summer heat gets a little more intense, so you have to make sure you’re applying sunscreen during the day, no matter what skin tone you have. It might also be a good idea to wear long-sleeve clothes and pants if you’re going to be out for an extended amount time. You can wear short sleeves and shorts for brief moments in the sun.


Wear hats as well to give your face some shade. It’s important to switch to lighter skincare products during the summer. Your pores need to breath, so don’t use a thick moisturizer. Clogged pores can lead to breakouts.


Sometimes, people take more showers than normal during the summer to clean off the sweat, but try to cut down on showers or limit them to just quick rinses. The more showers you take, the drier your skin might get.




Autumn is here, and it brings dry air. You’ll have to change your skincare routine to match the season in a few ways by switching to a thicker moisturizer. You want to trap as much moisture as possible now that the air is dryer.


It should be pointed out that this works best after you shower and exfoliate. You want to try to apply your moisturizer straight to your skin and not that layer of dead skin that accumulates during this season.


You’ve been using lighter lotions for some time, but now it’s time to switch to creams that are thick and hold the moisture in better. Start protecting your lips from the dry air, and don’t forget to apply sunscreen even if it’s cloudy because UV rays still get through.




You’re going to be intensifying some skin practices you were observing during autumn. This means wearing sunscreen as needed and protecting your lips. It also means using the thickest creams you can use, maybe even lanolin-based to trap as much moisture in your skin as possible.


It’s important to resist those hot showers. Everyone knows that winter is the season for long, hot showers, but you shouldn’t do this. These showers strip your skin of its natural elements. When you go outside, you’ll feel itchy, dry, and your skin may even hurt a little.


Keep your showers short and keep your water lukewarm unless you can handle a cooler temperature. Make sure you exfoliate before you apply your winter moisturizer. Don’t forget to drink a lot of water to give your skin as much water as possible.


Now, you’ve got a good guide that can help keep your skin in good condition the entire year. If you want some additional tips, you can talk to your dermatologist to see what they’ve got to say.