“A Royal Pity Party”: US media criticize Harry and Meghan’s $100M snoozefest Netflix series

The reviews for Harry and Meghan’s highly-anticipated, $100m Netflix tellall are in – and US critics are not impressed.

The descriptions range from a ‘Dull diary entry’ to a “Royal Pity Party”. A summary is less formal: “A hypocritical attention grab”.

The reception is a blow to the privacy-conscious couple who presumably imagined that the world would be enchanted with the inside story about their departure from Britain’s Royal Family.

The docuseries is not on the list of top 10 Netflix shows in America, so the response has been frosty.

Variety’s review Expresses surprise at “how narrow their vision of fame is, and how unimaginative their presence in the world stage has become”.

The New York Post was blunt in its description of the docuseries, which it called a ‘hypocritical attention grabber’,

The Wall Street Journal Called It A 'Royal Pity Party' And Added: 'A Viewer Really Has To Be On Board The Royal Soap-Opera Bus Not To Be Bored Out Of One¿S Mind'

The Wall Street Journal called the program a “Royal Pity Party” adding that: “A viewer really needs to be onboard the royal soap opera bus not to get bored out of their minds.”

Variety'S Critic Said The Couple'S Documentary Was A Rehash Of 'The Royal-Family Drama, One More Time'

Variety’s critic stated that the documentary was a rehash from ‘the Royal-Family Drama. One More Time. 

'Netflix Docuseries Takes A Lot Of Time To Reveal Very Little', Said The Hollywood Reporter, Whose Reviewer Said The Series So Far 'Offers Too Little That Feels Fresh Enough To Merit Its Luxurious Six-Episode Sprawl For All But The Most Fervent Royal Watchers'

According to the Hollywood Reporter: ‘Netflix Docuseries Takes Too Much Time to Reveal Very Few’. The reviewer for the Hollywood Reporter said that the series ‘offers too much that feels fresh enough’ to justify its six-episode sprawl.

Under the headline ‘Harry & Meghan Rehashes the Royal-Family Drama, One More Time’, the couple are described as ‘honor-bound to keep reciting their personal story until we eventually lose interest’.

The first three episodes are used to rehash the issues Harry and Meghan have repeatedly opined on since they left Britain in January 2020: their relationship, Meghan’s relationship and her difficulties integrating into the royal family.

There’s little interest in looking at the outside world rather than Haz and Meg.

“As part their Netflix deal Harry and Meghan have been apparently forced into rewriting the story of the courtship, wedding and family feuds past where they, or anyone else but diehard fans, can still care,” Variety’s harsh review states.

It concludes: ‘Pity them, too — even after breaking free of Buckingham Palace, they’re still someone’s subjects.

The Wall Street Journal Under the scathing headline: “A Royal Pity Party On Netflix”

Meghan Recounts The First Moment She Was Introduced To The Queen While Husband Harry Looks On As Part Of The Couple'S New Netflix Docuseries, Released This Week

Meghan relates the moment she was first introduced to the Queen, while Harry watches. This is part of the couple’s new Netflix series, released this week.

Meghan Appears To Perform A Deeply Exaggerated Curtsey Recounting What It Was Like When She First Met The Queen, While Her Husband Harry Watches On Awkwardly

While Meghan performs a highly exaggerated curtsey reminiscing about the time she first met Queen Elizabeth, Harry is watching on anachronistically.

It opens with a reference in episode one to Meghan Markle’s intense platitudes: “Meghan Markle asked if it didn’t make sense to “hear our story from them” especially “when there were such high stakes.” Many Americans would likely reply “No” and “Are these really?”

It continues, “A viewer must be on the royal soap-opera bus in order to not be bored out of their minds,”

The repeated comments Harry made about Princess Diana’s death are described as a legitimate device’. However, the review points out that ‘Ms. Markle’s victimization is hard to buy.

The opening episodes of Revelations are “hardly a beheading at Tower of Royal Branding”

The couple’s statements are ‘both slightly off-topic or simply not logical’.

The First Episode, Which Is 56 Minutes Long, Shared The Impact Of Harry'S Childhood In The Public Eye And Their Secret Relationship In The Early Days. Its Netflix Tags Were 'Riveting', 'Investigative', And 'Docuseries'

The 56-minute episode focuses on Harry’s childhood and their secret relationship in the early days. It had three Netflix tags: ‘Riveting’ and ’Investigative’.

There Is Also A Suggestion That The Uk Is Racist And More Obsessed With Race Than The Us, With Meghan Declaring That She 'Wasn'T Really Treated Like A Black Woman' Until She Came To Britain

There is also the suggestion that the UK is more racist and obsessed with race than the US. Meghan stated that she was not treated like a black woman until she arrived in Britain. 

The Couple Said This Selfie Was A Picture Of The Moment They Decided To Give Their Relationship A Go, On Their Second Date, At Soho House In London

The couple claimed that this selfie was a photo of the moment they decided on a second date at Soho House, London. 

The New York Post It’s a “hypocritical attention grab” and “a big snooze”.

“The majority” of the above isn’t new to anyone who hasn’t been living beneath a rock. It adds, another nod towards the repeated issues the couple have spoken on many occasions before, including in the Oprah interview in March last.

The documentary was also praised by respected outlets for its slow pace and insufficient revelations. Hollywood Reporter), and Harry is mocked for complaining ‘that his family is a “hierarchy,” which suggests that the whole concept of a monarchy might have eluded him’ (The Atlantic).

Pictured, The Couple With Their Dog In An Intimate Image Shared Within The Documentary

Pictured: The couple and their dog in intimate photo shared within the documentary

The film received a mixed reception across the Atlantic. British media were also not impressed by it.

The Guardian’s review – headlined ‘Harry & Meghan review – so sickening I almost brought up my breakfast’ – notes the regularly cringeworthy soundbites from Harry, Meghan, and their selected friends drafted in to offer commentary.

The reviewer mentions that Meghan is ‘fed through services’ by a friend and adds:[It] It took me a while to understand, and another to suppress my rising breakfast.

It does mention that it is ‘beyond doubt’ that the couple remain deeply inloved’.

While appearing sympathetic to some issues raised during the documentary, like Meghan’s claim she was subject to racism, it notes: ‘But in the end – what are we left with? It is the same story that we have known for years, told in the manner we would expect to hear from the people telling it.

It concludes that a period of silence should always be welcomed.

Many Associated With The Royal Household Were Also Deeply Upset At The Depth Of The Couple¿S ¿Shameful And Cowardly¿ Betrayal Of The Late Queen. Meghan Is Pictured With The Queen In Chester In 2018

Many people associated with Royal Household were also deeply shocked by the extent of the couple’s’shameful’ and cowardly betrayal towards the Queen. Meghan is pictured in Chester in 2018 with the Queen.

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