A royal cocktail masterclass! How to make a Princess-inspired beverage, just like Kate

On their surprise royal trip to Belfast, the Prince and Princess of Wales faced off in a cocktail-making competition as they put their mixology skills to the test.

Prince William and Kate, both 40, laughed during the duel to be the fastest to make the potent drink, known as an Up the Lagan in a Bubble, as they visited the Trademarket on their second stop on their whirlwind tour.

The drink was a reference to the river that flows through Belfast and local slang for ‘I wasn’t born yesterday’.

The Princess’s Up the Lagan in a Bubble contains Brew & Yaki, gin, fruit tea, sherry, umeshu (a Japanese plum liqueur), lime and passion fruit ‘bobas’ and tapioca starch ‘pearls’

She is a natural! The Princess of Wales, 40, beamed as she measured out ingredients to make an Up the Lagan in a Bubble at a bar in Belfast.

The Princess of Wales looked thrilled as she shook up her cocktail in competition with her husband Prince William, who made his own version across the bar

Unfortunately for the princess, her husband was declared the winner – but she looked determined as she measured out the ingredients and gave them a mighty shake to make her concoction.

Her Royal Highness was the coolest bartender, looking perfectly polished in her £295 Winser London silk blouse and matching blue coat believed to be from Alexander McQueen, teamed with smart navy blue trousers, recycled £85 Missoma hoop earrings and a DeMellier London handbag for £ 295. in Northern Ireland.

But how do you make an Up the Lagan in a Bubble with an extra touch of royalty?

Get your ingredients right

The concentration on Kate’s face was immeasurable as she poured precise measures of ingredients including gin, sherry and Japanese plum liqueur to make her cocktail

Trust is the key! The Princess of Wales flashed a knowing smile to her opponent, Prince William, as she poured measures of her cocktail

Don’t be afraid to ask for help! Kate appeared to ask a question or two about her cocktail as she poured out her measurements – the best way to make sure you don’t make a mistake

No cocktail ever goes as planned if you’re not precise with your ingredients – and this Belfast classic is no exception.

To make an Up the Lagan in a Bubble cocktail you will need:

  • Brew & Yaki
  • Gin
  • Fruit tea hearty
  • Sherry
  • Umeshu (a Japanese plum liqueur)
  • Lime and passion fruit ‘bobas’
  • Tapioca starch ‘pearls’ – commonly found in Taiwanese bubble tea

Shake with all your might

The Prince and Princess of Wales took a stand across the bar for a lively cocktail race at an outdoor market in Belfast city center during a surprise visit to Northern Ireland

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Regal Kate looked elegant in a £295 pussybow blouse from Winser London as she shook up her cocktail – keeping her cool as she competed with her husband

Somehow, despite shaking with all her might, barely a hair was out of place on Her Royal Highness’s head as she shook her Up the Lagan in a Bubble

An ode to Belfast, this cocktail is shaken, not stirred and requires a little elbow grease to get it going.

Once you’ve measured your ingredients into a cocktail shaker filled with ice, it’s time to make a real effort to get the flavor combinations just right.

Somehow not a hair was out of place on Her Royal Highness’s head as she shook her cocktail behind the bar as she set about mixing her cocktail.

The Princess of Wales kept her cool as she shook her Up the Lagan in a Bubble and didn’t let the pressure get to her as her husband William tried his own version of the cocktail just meters away.

Pour over ice and toast your creation

Kate looked absolutely delighted with her creation as she poured her cocktail over ice in a short glass as her proud mentor looked on

Garnishing her drink with a leaf and sipping through a straw, Her Royal Highness enjoyed a sneaky taste of her cocktail while no one was looking

The Prince and Princess of Wales met each other as they tasted their freshly made cocktails – although Prince William was ultimately declared the winner

Make sure you have a short glass filled with ice ready for your freshly shaken cocktail.

Then place a strainer over the cocktail shaker to ensure that only your delicious nectar is poured out, and garnish the glass with whatever you fancy.

Don’t forget to say hello and enjoy your drink with your loved ones.

The Princess of Wales put the competition aside and showed her grace yesterday as she happily toasted her husband Prince William despite having just lost to her version of Up the Lagan in a Bubble.

She sipped her cocktail as she chatted with the bar owners with a grin on her face.

Do not forget to smile!

The Princess couldn’t wait to taste her cocktail behind the bar as she faced her husband William to see who was better

The Princess of Wales looked totally at ease yesterday, despite being a cocktail-making novice.

She beamed as she measured out her ingredients and shook them up, chatting eagerly with the owners of the bar.

Knowing that her husband was at the other end of the bar competing against her only spurred Her Royal Highness on, who was happy to take on the challenge.

She even smiled when she was declared the losing cocktail maker, showing her grace and poise


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