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A roguelike role-playing game is currently being given away on Steam with 89 percent positive reviews – WhatsNew2Day


Desktop Dungeons is a great game for a quick round in between – and free on Steam until April 25th.

You can get this for free on Steam until April 25th Roguelike Desktop Dungeons download and keep forever. But: According to the store page, the offer is only valid while stocks last. The title will certainly be worthwhile for fans of the small role-playing experience in between.

The title stands with almost 1500 user reviews 89 percent positive. The reason for the action is the release of the successor, Desktop Dungeons: Rewind.

What is Desktop Dungeons?

The game stands on two pillars. On the one hand, you build up a kingdom, with individual buildings granting you advantages. On the other hand, in the clear core of the game, you go on a raid with different classes through a wide variety of randomly generated eponymous dungeons.

The title doesn’t do anything entirely new per se, but wraps its short-lived, classic-inspired gameplay in a chic, if simplistic, hand-drawn pixelated look. The structure and process are designed for small snacks desktop, such as during a coffee break.

The release trailer for the Enhanced Edition, which is a few years old, gives you a quick insight into the style of desktop dungeons:

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Successor: Rewind

The publication of the successor, which gave rise to the gift, took place on April 18th. This keeps the game principle, but packs it in a new graphic that is less in the direction of pixel look. Instead, the game features comic borrowings. The trailer lets you quickly compare the contrast between the old and new presentation.

Desktop Dungeons: Rewind offers fast role-playing fun for in between in a comic look

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Desktop Dungeons: Rewind offers fast role-playing fun for in between in a comic look

So far the title has been very well received. With almost 100 votes cast Desktop Dungeons: Rewind has 92 percent positive ratings. Only a few players are bothered by the new graphic style.

Incidentally, owners of the original version have get a key for Rewind directly. Developers QCF Design seem to be in a bouncy mood indeed. But this promotion has now ended, so those gifted with Desktop Dungeons will not automatically receive the next installment of the series.

Did you already know Desktop Dungeons? Have you maybe even played it before? Are you interested in the sequel with its quite different graphic style or does the entire genre of roguelikes leave you cold anyway? Tell us about your experiences in the comments!

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