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A remake of the sci-fi survival horror game Dead Space gets a beta | -WhatsNew2Day


There is no doubt that the remake of the horror and scientific survival game Dead Space was one of the most important and most anticipated titles that were released at the beginning of this year.

Publisher EA succeeded in satisfying fans and critics alike with its mastery and success in developing this version, which was developed by the talented studio. Motive Studioswhich prompted a large number of gamers to vote on making a remake of the second part of Dead Space.

And for those who missed it, try it Steam Store The digital recently provided a trial version of an hour and a half in order to try the game for free. This, of course, will give an idea and a closer impression to the players who hesitated to try the game, or the newcomers of the players, who did not try the original version that was released many years ago.

The hero of the three original parts, the mechanical engineer Isaac Clarke or Isaac Clarke, who is considered an icon of the series, has returned again to start his dark and mysterious adventure by heading to the “USG Ishimura” ship, and while you are heading with the crew of the USG Kellion, you will discover a massacre taking place inside that station. Most of the crew of this ill-fated ship has been killed, your friend Nicole is missing somewhere on the ship, and you’ll meet some of the few survivors left.

We, in turn, issued a comprehensive review of the outstanding Dead Space game remake, and we gave it a rating of 9 out of 10, and you can view it by visiting this link here,

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