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A Quick List of Unexpected Benefits of Skateboarding for Kids


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Yup, the benefits of skateboarding are endless, especially for kids. A study by the Pullias Center reveals that skateboarding can help develop mental health and encourage flexibility. But, you have more reasons to give your son or daughter kids skateboards.

Ask any skateboarder, you’ll come to find out that skateboarding is more than just a sport or fun activity, and it offers a range of benefits – both physical and mental.

Of course to keep the benefits coming, skaters need to stay safe and protected. Helmets are a must have and knee, elbow and wrist pads are highly recommended for new skaters. Beginners should also be particularly aware of their surroundings and avoid skating near traffic, in the middle of a busy skatepark, or on ramps/obstacles well above their current capabilities.  

With the right skateboard, safety gear and some encouragement, your child can reap a wide range of benefits, such as:

  • Coordination & Balance

Skating might just be the ultimate tool for developing improved balance. From the very first push, all of a sudden standing on a moving plank! Skaters learn to use their weight to steer their board back and forth. Add in the topology of a skatepark, and wow, just riding around the park, that’s some talent! 

Add in the coordination for even fundamental tricks like the Ollie, popping a board in the air and landing back on it! Moving on to shuvits and kickflips, the combinations are endless, all the while helping the skater hone the perfect coordination and timing of their body with their board.  

  • Persistence and Patience

Every single day on a Skateboard is a continuation of progress. Skaters are never done learning, there is always another fundamental to improve, another trick to work on, another spot to work on. There are lifetimes of progression for a skateboarder.  

  • Creativity

There are no set rules in Skateboarding. Every skater develops their own sense of style, their own favorite tricks, their own lines or paths through the skatepark. Skaters also love to share and expand on each other’s energy and creativity, 

  • Friendship

Skateboarding is a great way to make new friends. While obviously an individual sport, the process of learning and skating together creates a unique bond. Encouraging each other, regardless of relative skill level is part of the core of skateboarding. 


We forgot to mention that skateboarding is ridiculously fun. While skater’s tend to be driven by a desire to improve, it just wouldn’t be the same if it weren’t so satisfying and joyful. 

Be sure to check out SkateXS for a great selection of kids skateboards and protective gear. 

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