<pre><pre>A podcast overview of this week's updated hardware

Nintendo has announced a new switch! This week on The edgeFlagship podcast, The Vergecast, Nilay Patel, Dieter Bohn and Paul Miller discuss what's different about the new model and how the company updates the original model.


But first, like most Vercasts, there are more updates about Foxconn & # 39; s plant in Wisconsin – this time through one cryptic email.

Further with the theme of updated hardware, we also have new MacBooks … a bit. Apple has updated the MacBook Pro and MacBook Air, but that small 12-inch MacBook has disappeared and is said to be the controversial butterfly keyboard for future models. Listen to what the cast has to say about it.

There is much more in this episode – I think we are now ignoring our hour-long runtime! – including a security vulnerability in Zoom, a new streaming service and of course the weekly segment from Paul "Adminbook is the best book. "Keep listening to hear everything.

Oh yes, and if you want to watch the theme song of this week's episode, we've got it from this tweet from the listener Jackson Hayes.

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