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A new Steam store update makes searching for games easier and more.. | -WhatsNew2Day


Valve has released a new Steam update that makes searching for games much easier than before. This update came after the company took into account a survey sent to players and collected enough of their reviews about the store and how to improve it.

The search bar will work in a store Steam Now on the system of hashtags and groups regarding games and their types or developers and studios as well as companies. For example, if the player now searches for RPG games, all the games that fall under this category will appear to him, and the same applies to the word Zombie, for example, Action or Adventure, and others.

Users can also search for specific publishers. Searching for companies like “Square Enix” or “Sega” will bring up the publisher hub in the search bar dropdown. In addition, the new update accommodates more misspelled or misspelled words. For example, searching for “Finl Fantasy” will return Final Fantasy titles in the search results.

The update has been rolled out to the Steam Mobile App and the Steam mobile site. Valve has recently introduced new features for customers and players that revamp the in-game overlay, allow users to watch movies while playing, and more. It’s also important to note that Steam will no longer support Windows 7 and 8 starting in 2024.

What do our followers think of the new store features added by the company, do you see them waiting?

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